Time Machine

Writer: Habiba Sulieman

Editor: Duha Hegazy

Designer: Maram Mohammed

We are reckless beings. We are driven by our gut feelings and whims. We make insane decisions based on nothing. Therefore, we regret. Because of that, we borne the burden of regret and there is nothing to do about it except living with it. You carry it deep in your heart wherever you go. There is no escaping regret. It’s like your shadow, there in the morning and gone at night. You can forget about it for a while. But it will catch you nonetheless, and eventually shackling you.

So here comes the moment where we all we wish for is a time machine…

There comes the moment where we wish we could go back in time and prevent that feeling of regret that is now crippling us. There comes a moment where all we need is to go back in time and maybe say the right thing, do the right thing, be in the right place at the right time. Say enough “I love you”s. Enjoy life a bit more. There comes a moment where the only thing we are in a mass need of is a time machine.

Yet, have you ever marveled about if our inability of going back in time a curse or a blessing?

Many people will say that it’s a curse, but some will say it’s a blessing. The broken will say it’s a curse. One that has absolutely no loop hole. No way out. The people who have lost their loved ones without saying a final goodbye or even I love you, would leap at the idea of a time machine. They would embrace it and never ever let it go. Because who wouldn’t want a second chance? A second chance to do things right this time? Who wouldn’t want to say more “I love you” to the ones they lost too soon? Who wouldn’t want a second chance to be a better person?

But on the other side of the story, you’ll meet the people who’ll tell you that they would never seize the opportunity of going back in time. They’d tell you that what happened in the past stays in the past. That even though they wish to change a couple of things, they wouldn’t dare to do so. Because come to think about it, if we did not act how we did or said what we said, where would we be now? Who would we be? Will we be that happy? Or even more miserable?

Time machines are priceless and literally out of this world and I bet that half of this heart-broken world would sell their souls just to be able to even hear the voices of the people they no longer have. Some of us would do everything and anything just to go back in time and simply…be a better person.

Yet, still looms the question: the fact that we are born with this impotence of not going back in time, is it an exquisite blessing or a wicked hex?