This is What You’re Fighting For

Writer: Mariette Ehab
Editor: Khaled Mohammed
Designer: Abdelrahman Gamal

A consistent part of the human experience is fighting. Not hand-to-hand combat or the shouting matches some people have. It’s the fight to stay. Stay alive, stay free, stay happy. People face all kinds of battles in their lives, they try to keep their heads above water during their hard times, they fight to keep loved ones in their lives. It’s these silent battles that define us as humans, winning or losing, we keep fighting, for what we think is right, for freedom, for justice. Life keeps throwing obstacles in our way, yet we persevere. As I said, it is a consistent, if not essential part of the human experience. No matter who you are, keep fighting for your peace of mind, for your freedom of expression. Keep fighting for your friends and family, for your growth and your future. No matter what your battle is, if it is worth it in the end, fight for it. You are strong and capable. Believe in yourself, and win your battle.