The Other Side

Writer: Menna Kalboush

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Artist: Salma Diab

“It’s the possibility of losing something that makes life untrustworthy”.

There is no need to mention how life is unstable and sometimes holds unpleasant surprises underneath its glorious days. But is what they say true? Is it true that everything can change overnight? That our lives can depend on one decision? That you can’t trust the future as long as you don’t know what it’s holding for you?

What we know for sure is that it’s easy to lose someone or something without a warning. That scary feeling you had when you felt like you were on the brink of losing something is actually understandable. Once the bitter fate unfolds, once that something or someone is gone, you become forced to move on. That moment when you’re not sure if you can get through the loss. That moment when you feel the pounding in your chest and the ache in your heart knowing that nothing will remain the same. That moment you finally realize how scary it was getting attached to someone, and how unexpected things find their way into your life.

During our journey, we’re forced to let go, and we most certainly did so many times. We let go of people while we hold on to the memories. We cry despite knowing that our tears will fall in vain. When we lose someone, the rest of our life is never spent the same way. We live with the love they left behind. They walk away and a part of us walks away with them. We miss how it feels being around them. And we just keep on hoping that we meet again.

“We never know when the last time will be, that’s why we never get to say an appropriate goodbye”.

“To whoever left an indelible trace in the heart, You’re missed, and unforgettable. We’ve spent the best of our time together, never kept in mind that ‘we’ could be a memory. You’re loved beyond words. Time never managed to make us move on. We’re grateful for the memories because they’re all we have left. Maybe one day, all the pain and suffering will be crowned with eternal happiness, and everything will make sense. We know we’ll see you on the other side of the track”.