The Art of Letting Go

Writer: Salma el Adly

Photographer: Amr Essam


Getting attached to different things is human nature. It can’t be controlled or stopped. The majority of people don’t have the ability to prohibit attachments. It’s completely normal to get attached to different things, or even people. However, at some point, everything will go…


I’m sadly one of those people, the people who get attached to things too fast. I can’t let go of things no matter how clearly harmful they are for me. I never manage to let go easily, and it always affects me deeply. Personally, I have experienced a lot of things that did enough damage and change.


 A person could get attached to someone they just met; they find everything about them so attractive, so appealing. Every day, as they build more connections, more attachments are formed, and it’s not easy to let go, it never is. You meet someone and they simply amaze you. You don’t know how, when, or what happened, but they sure did leave an impact.


Your life starts revolving around them and when they start changing, getting distant, it harms you; messes with the balance. You try hard to avoid the urge to text, call, or reach out to them because eventually, you have to let them go.


It’s not always a person that you get attached to; it could be the place you were raised in. Getting attached to the place you were raised in is usually because of the memories you have there. Everything about it entices you endlessly; it makes your heart twist and turn whenever you leave it. It’s like you can no longer function when you’re away from it, but eventually, you have to let go.


You have to avoid all of the toxicity in your life. Matter of fact, you have to let go. It’s not easy to get rid of certain things, letting go is an art in itself and while not everyone is an artist, everyone can try to be one.