Parenting 101: Valentines Day and your VERY single kids.

Writer: Maram Mohammed

Did your mom ever just straight up tell you: “ Enty hat3anesy”? Because our mothers sure did. Since Valentine’s day is less than 4 hours away, the lovely conversation of “How will you spend your Valentines” sparked up.

Now, of course, our parents had to take their fair share of ‘el tahzee2 mn ta7t l ta7t’ per usual. If your parents didn’t do that yet, we’re sorry to say that they are not following the parenting guidelines.

Now, it is no secret that I am VERY single, to the point where my grandma questions why. Although I live in a very Arabic household, that doesn’t stop anyone from pestering me about it nonstop.

For instance, the lovely mother of mine walked in on me one day. I was straight up mad all day and in a – breathe next to me and I will cut you- mood.

She says and I quote: “Meen ely meza3alek. Enty bet7eby wala eh?”

With an eyebrow raised to the Gods, I- oh so wittily- reply back “Do you even have to ask that?”

“I don’t know, thought that a miracle could have happened for a second” and walked –smugly, might I add- straight out of my room.

Here are a couple of reasons why I wasn’t surprised. A) I am used to it. B) She isn’t mistaken. C) A and B.

It seems like I am not the only one who goes through the same thing as well. My friends’ parents are even blunter than mine. The stories we share are hilarious and kind of depressing when a ‘taken’ person joins the group chat. Like no, Rebecca, you can stay out of this one.

Here is a Rebecca in our group chat.

How to correctly reply to a Rebecca in your group chat #1

How you should never reply to a Rebecca. Never give them the satisfaction, kids.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone; especially for the fellow single birds. Join the party and ditch the couples.