Love and All That Comes with It

Writer: Shahd Fekry

You can’t find your piece of mind until you completely lose it.


Your story doesn’t end with finding that ‘certain something or someone’, that’s simply the beginning of your journey.


Everything that follows — all the work you put in, all the focus and energy, all the tears that you will shed — will make you the person you are meant to become.


Out of all the confusion that comes from losing your mind, you emerge from the process as a better individual. You come out of that dark tunnel wiser, smarter and even more passionate than before.


This journey will be lonesome. Don’t expect much support. Your friends and family will hopefully be there for you when you need them, but this experience is ultimately personal. You’re going to be alone with your thoughts most of the time, and those thoughts are what will both lift you up and throw you into the mud.


Love hurts. You can put your soul, blood, and sweat into making things just right, but things might not go according to plan, and you’re left devastated and disappointed. It will break your heart to see the remains of what you had.


But it will also make you stronger, stronger for the next time you push with everything you’ve got. You may fail again, but success will happen as long as you persist.

You have to realize that life isn’t fair.

Life is far from fair. We compete with other people over just about everything, from the kinds of food we eat to the partners we choose. If it’s worth pursuing, you’re not the only one chasing after it.

You have to know that you are at the centre of the universe. You, with all of your thoughts, feelings and desires, are sharing a world with seven billion other people, each with their own thoughts, feelings and desires.


No one wants to be loved by someone who isn’t devoted in return. Love requires devotion; you and your partner both need to change your lives in order to keep your relationship alive.


This level of devotion will make you a little crazy, but it’s the “good crazy” that fills the pages of every love story.