The 5 Love Languages

Written By Habiba Suliman

Edited By Ahmed Ashry

Graphic Designed By Maram Mohamed

Since human kind varies in almost everything including skin color, cultures, traditions, heights, ages, and as i said everything. We also differ in how we give and recieve one of the most valuable emotions there is to exist. Love. you’ll never look at two people and see them giving love in the same exact way, that’s the bliss of it. That there are so many ways to express how we love one another. Yes, it may seem that there are more than 5 love languages and maybe there is but as in 2022, we only know those 5. Maybe later on we’ll find even more and more ways of how we choose to express our love and recieve it.

  1. Words of affirmation: lots of people feel cherished and loved when they constantly hear the verbal affirmations of their loved ones. I mean who doesn’t love hearing a hundred “i love you” and a thousand “i believe in you” ? Not only do people with words affirmation as their love langauge value verbal acknolwedgements, complimets, words of appreciation, and often verbal encouragemnet, they also value frequent digital communication such as texting and social media engagment. To many of those with words of affirmation as their love language, these beautifully stringed words make them feel understood and seen.
  2. Quality Time: you know when you’re just sitting down with someone and they have your absolutely undivided attention? They are listening not only with their ears but also with their whole being, with their eyes, their body, their souls. People with quality time as their love language feel most loved when their partener actually wants to spend time with them and them being always down for hanging out whenever. It’s most important to them so spend time together or even have a conversation with their partener without the disturbance of a phone, a television, a screen, or any outside interference. They have this urge to actively spend time with one another, having a heart-to-heart conversation, or even doing some kind of activity.
  3. Acts of service: imagine going back home from a very very long and tiring day and you find your house crystal clean or even better you find a freshly cooked meal waiting for you on your kitchen bar, wouldn’t that release the warmest feeling ever in your chest? Hence calling this love language acts of service. People with acts of service as their love languages really appreciate when their partener goes out of his/her way to make their live a tad easier. They also beleive that actions speak louder than words, thus, doing things for their partner is how they show their love.
  4. Gifts: some would say that this is kind of a materialistic love language but i beg to disagree. People with gift-giving as a love language value this process highly, they take care of everything while picking a gift. from the careful reflection, the deliberate choosing of the object to represent the relationship, to the emotional benefits from receiving the present. It’s not really about the monetary value behind the gift as much as how much this gift means to the one buying it as well as the one receiving it.
  5. Physical touch: people with physical touch feel most adored when they recieve physical signs of affection from their significant other such as hugs, kisses, hand-holding, and cuddling on the couch. Physical touch can be incredibly affirming and serve as a powerful emotional connector for people with this love language.

Giving and recieving love is something humans will never stop doing because if we did we will no longer live in a somewhat peaceful earth, it will be utter chaos if we stop giving and receiving love. Because if we stop, then we would cease to exist.