Mother’s Day – How to Still Make it Special during this Pandemic

Writers: Maram Mohammed and Menna Abdelfattah

Editor: Abdulelah Ba Tarfi

We are very much aware of the fact that we are all under lockdown and Mother’s Day is only a couple of days away. As a matter of fact, if you hadn’t already gotten a gift, you’re pretty much as doomed as we are. And if you did get a gift, then kudos to you and your great planning ahead.  Don’t you worry,however, we are here to help your procrastinating self out. We have compiled a list of things you can do from the comfort of your own home to help make Mother’s Day special without a gift being included in the equation. It saves money, too, if you know what we mean. 

1) House Chores Are Now Your Best Friend.

I’m sure all of you hate chores as much as we all do, but the least we could do is not only help our mom in chores but to actually do them all by ourselves. Let’s give her a relaxing day with a lot of pampering to reward her for all her effort and work done for us, because most of us are definitely not an easy bunch to handle. 

2) Video Editing Software Please Standby

 Do you have any videos of your family enjoying their time together? Pictures that show you enjoying heartfelt and incredible moments together? Or even videos of you accomplishing something you’re proud of? Use those videos and pictures to make a short film that describes the way you feel whenever you’re all gathered.

Well, compile all of these treasures together in a simple slideshow or go the extra mile to put them all together in a short movie. The whole point of this is to show your mom how her presence is enough to make the entire family happy and to make her feel and understand that her efforts aren’t in vain. This simple video will create a huge impact for sure.

3) A Photo Gallery Made by Yours Truly

 If you don’t know how to make a short film, or if you aren’t capable of it, then gather pictures that mark milestones in your life that include your mother in them. Make picture frames as a gift.  You could also -if you have cardboard- print pictures, design the cardboard creatively, and then stick the pics on the cardboard. That way you could highlight the important moments in your life. It would be a bonus if you guys could sneak in a couple of randomly snapped photos of your mom! 

Some inspiration to get you crafting

4) Sentimental Letters are the G.O.A.T

Okay, so let’s be honest, how often do you tell your mom that you love her or just get to pour your heart out to her? If you do, then that’s great. But, I am positive most of us don’t, and I see Mother’s Day as a perfect opportunity to do just that. Get your pen and paper, sit down, and just pour your heart out. Tell her everything on your mind and remind her that she is loved and appreciated because I bet you that she needs to hear that from you. Consider this something like those love letters you write to your friends or partner, but this time it is for the woman who birthed you.

Make it pretty while you’re at it as well

5) The Years You’ve Spent Watching Gordon Ramsy Will Now Be Put To Use

This one is honestly one of the cutest and simplest things you can do to make this day an unforgettable memory. That will include you creating a mini-restaurant at home, and if you are willing to go the extra mile, creating a menu as well. Cook her favorite meal, plate it like Gordon Ramsy would (well, it is the thought that counts anyway), accompany all that with her favorite beverage, don’t forget the napkins, play her favorite music in the background, and there you have it – a DIY 5-star restaurant! Because spending quality time with her is the key here, and introducing her favorite meal into the conversation is just the cherry on top.

6) Take Pampering to BEAST Mode

We all love a carefree mood, don’t we? So, why don’t you do that as part of your plan to make your mother relaxed on that day? Start off with preparing her favorite snacks. Next, make a playlist of her preferred songs but make sure to add a hyper song in the list to dance to and make a show for her. If you even have to choreograph your moves, then do it. Try to make this day imperishable. Make her smile and laugh as if she’s never done before. Now onto the action itself. First, light on a few candles with the lights off, then play the music she likes. Dance with her for a bit then spend a while just talking and catching up with her while enjoying the snacks you prepared. It’s going to be a day well spent I assure you. 

7) Movies Have Got You Covered

Here is a question for you: What is your mom’s favorite show/movie? Now that we have an answer, here is what you’re going to do. Prepare some yummy snacks, and by that I mean popcorn, chips, favorite drinks, chocolate, sunflower seeds, etc. Turn on the show/movie you picked and just spend the night watching said things together. Get the whole family on it too, because again, Mother’s Day is not only about buying your mother a gift, it is also about spending time with her.

8) Here Is Your Chance to Cross Out “Starting My Own Bakery” Off Your List

Well, here is a fun activity you can attempt. The key word being “attempt” because if it went right, then that’s great and if it didn’t, your mom will never have to know. Look up easy cake recipes online and just dive in and try to bake your mom a cake that might just be the highlight of her day and do your best decorating it. And well, if it went horribly wrong and she caught you in the process, she will at least have a good laugh at your misery and that’s all that matters!

9) It Is a PANDEMIC Not a FOREVERDEMIC; You Can Still Get That Gift Later.

Let’s see, not all of you could do all of the things above, so just do something simple and easy and let the big thing come after all the panic dies down. You could purchase something online and wait for it to be delivered after everything is more settled. You could also arrange a special outing to take her on or take her to a spa! That’ll loosen the tension. Personally, I once took her to a jewelry store and told her that I want to buy something but don’t know what, so I made her choose something that she liked and after buying it, I handed it to her to hold onto and told her what happened. Her reaction was one I could never forget, and that’s why I’m hoping all of you do something that will make her reaction be forever burned in your memories because that gives you a sense of pride and immense happiness.