How to Win a Friend

Writer: Mariam Bileta

 How To Win Friends?Friends are the ones who stand for you through the hardest times. Friends love you unconditionally. Friends appreciate your existence. Friends are the ones with whom you love sitting. Friends are the ones whom you feel grateful for having. Not everyone is blessed with good friends, but here I am to tell you some tips about “How to win friends.

“1- SHOW INTEREST WHEN THEY TALK TO YOU.We all hate when we’re talking but no one hears our stories. For sure you feel happy when someone is genuinely interested in your talks and stories. Show your friends interest when they talk because it makes them feel important and it makes them more interested in talking to you!

2- DON’T GET DISAPPOINTED OVER THINGS THAT DON’T DESERVE.People usually like to feel free with people they love. I mean most of us hate being careful with every single word. Most of us love to joke and jest. If you got disappointed from something that doesn’t deserve, this will actually make people avoid you.

3- MAKE THEM FEEL IMPORTANT.Always remind your friends of how important they are to you.

4- NEVER BLAME THEM FOR NOT STARTING THE CHAT.This one is the most important of all! Never blame someone for not asking about you. Love is not about you gain it’s about what you give.

5- SMILE.This one is the simplest & easiest of all. Smiling makes people like you. Smile to your friends.

6- ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES. Most people like talking about themselves and their accomplishments. Encourage them to talk about it and ask them questions about their accomplishments. (PS: Don’t forget to show interest when they’re talking.)

7- TALK IN TERMS OF OTHER PEOPLE’S INTERESTS.  People love it when you talk about things they’re interested in! So these were the seven most important tips on how to win friends. I hope they’re useful.