A Guide To Writing A Novel

Writer: Mariam Ramzy

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Since I’m in the process of writing my very first novel, I thought of sharing a step-by-step guide for all the other beginners out there planning on writing one too. Writing a novel may be is a very exciting experience but it is a tiring task. You have to dedicate a huge part of your day for it. However, these steps could make the journey a bit less exhausting and pressuring.

1.Coming Up With The Idea

Sometimes you get an idea out of nowhere but you forget it. Therefore,try writing down your ideas. They may seem irrelevant or funny at first ;however ,you will be able to develop them later on.

2. Developing The Idea

Once you get THE idea, then you should start developing it. Thinking of a climax is enough to bring the story to life. If you could imagine something ,like an event or or subplot,interesting coming out of it then definitely write it down with your idea.

3. The Characters

This is my personal favourite step. Developing the characters may be easy ;however ,it needs creativity. You need to bring the imaginary characters to life. Write down in bullet points how you want them to look like and act. You could even add the relationships.

4. The Outline 

You should decide how many chapters you want your novel to have. However, you don’t have to stick to that late. You could always change the outline depending on how the story is going. The outline could simply include bullet points each each chapter’s events.

5. Writing The Story

Finally, start writing your story. Make a plan and decide on how many chapters you are planning to write every week. If you ever get bored or start giving up, don’t. Just always take the good feeling after you’re finished as a reminder to never giving up.