To Gen Z, We’re The Heroes

Writer: Malak Mahmoud
Editor: Khaled Mohamed

Let’s state a fact: we’re the most exhausted generation. We’re in a constant state of running: we’re so overwhelmed by our education (which is honestly too much), we’re so aware of the world and its issues, and we can’t help but want to fix things. And we don’t simply want to, we actually do take action. We’re trying to keep up with everything while maintaining a healthy social life.

No, we’re not children. We’re not whiny teenagers who are being smartasses.
The majority of older people usually start this argument: “we’re now living a way more luxurious life”, and this totally has nothing to do with leading an extremely hectic life. Throughout the previous decades, most teens didn’t have the same interests as teens nowadays – we’re talking planned desire to rebel and change the world. They usually had no clue about what’s happening in the world outside their area, or at least didn’t care about it. Politics? Environment? Human rights? We literally chat about deep philosophy as a light talk —we’re so educated and every one of us has got an incandescent mind which is always longing to know and understand more about the world.

So, my dearest Gen Z, we’re pretty much the sincerest, most hard-working humans so far. If you ever feel like you’re drained and the entire world is so narrow for the universe inside you, remember that you’re a hero. You’re the one who will save this world from falling apart because we were already born into a mess and we just want to experience peace and know how it feels like. Remember that you deserve to live in a humane world, and nobody will give you a sweet life on a silver platter because we’re the only ones aware of the world’s issues.

We’re our own lifesavers.