Mahmoud Elbanna- An Innocent Victim of a Fucked up Society

Writer: Nada el Nady

The underlying hypocrisy of our modern world continues to forever make its presence known, where we are criticized and condemned for not doing the right thing yet attacked, sometimes even killed, for attempting to do the slightest thing about it. And the surprise? The victims are always us, the younger generation of teens who are constant subjects of the abuse that comes along dealing with the cruelty and unfairness that continues to embed itself in the veins of our ignorant society.
Meet the new victim, a courageous, young, Egyptian man who lost his life after saving a girl from a nasty harasser and triggering the aggressor through a social media story.
When Mohamed Rageh and 2 of his friends were sexually and physically harassing a girl in the streets of Al Menofia in Egypt, Mahmoud Elbanna, the unfortunate hero of our story, decided to stand up for her and defy the abusers. On the same day, Mahmoud posted a story saying that “It’s not manly to harass a girl in the street”, which triggered the bullies and prompted them to plot what would be their revenge. Mohamed and his friends stabbed Mahmoud 7 times in his back, neck, and stomach. Mahmoud immediately passed away as he reached the hospital.
It may sound surprising to some, but this is only a single example of what happens everyday through the streets of our sick nations; it is the kids growing up to think that harassing a girl in the street is normal that would guarantee the ever-lasting failure we continue to dwell in. We continue to be extremely outraged at the never-ending cruelty and we hope that the abusers be held accountable for this atrocity.