Opposites Attract

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary
Editor: Abdulelah Ba Tarfi

“Opposites attract,” they said.

Never have i ever believed in it.

Never will i ever believe in it.

Or so i thought….

It’s when she stumbled as she entered the room then, embarrassed, smiled sweetly. 

I hate this.

How can someone come to a job interview looking like this?! Dressing like this?! 

I hate this.

Little did i know that she would change my life. 

Little did i know that her messiness would tidy up my life.

She barged into my life without any warning.

I hate that too.

I tried my best to avoid her, but it turns out what you are avoiding is probably what you need to explore.

She was fire.

I was water.

Together, we formed a necessary paradox, not a senseless contradiction.

Minute by minute,

Day by day, 

Week by week,

Her impulsiveness blabbered my cautiousness.

She pumped courage into my veins and I tamed her fire before it went wild.

Perfect contrast. 

They said I was the gravity for her free fall.

But, in reality, we balanced each other.

Just like the opposite poles of a magnet attract, we did.

Just like simplicity and complexity need one another, we did. 

 I love that.

I felt whole beside her, incomplete without.

I felt alive with her, alone without.

Thats why never will I ever doubt us.

And never will i ever doubt the existence of love.