The one with those white cheeks

Writer: Zee Salem

I looked into his green eyes,

And I knew what it was like to feel alive.

His eyes glistening as the sparkling stars,

Holding codes you can’t acknowledge.

I tried to decode them one by one,

But I got lost in his universe.

I took a deep breath,

Trying to pull myself together,

But his love isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

He is on my mind,

Day & night,

He took my breath

From the first day we met.

His love is like a tsunami,

Inevitable & unexpected.

As I was feeling sorrow,

He held me tight in his arms,

He placed my head on his chest,

And oh boy, it was the best.

My eyes closed

To the pattern of his heart beats,

As I uttered my confession,

His beats started to race faster

From then I knew,

I wanted that wacko who was kept loose.

I loved him,

Unknowingly how it happened,

I just did.

I can’t live without him,

Thinking about it just kills me.

You know when they say you will find better

But something better from an angel walking on land?

I don’t think so.

Even if there is,

I truly believe I don’t want him,

I don’t anyone but him.

The one with the green eyes;

I only want the man that took my breath away.

His smile alone drives me insane.

Him telling me that I’m beautiful,

Him telling me that I’m enough,

I don’t want those phrases being said by anyone but him.

My eyes glint with starvation when I see him,

Never saw someone as heavenly as him.

If he is the venom, 

I would restlessly give myself to him.

I would jump off a cliff,

Knowing that he will be there.

To wrap his arms around me,

To keep me safe,

To tell me it’s okay,

To protect me from any harm,

What else would a woman need from a man?

The one with those white cheeks,

I can’t live without you even after a million years.