Inside the Mind of a Storyteller

Writer: Hania Mostafa
Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

She was a story lover, in love with every story form.
Stories are what held her in her place, what kept her going everyday.
From fictional stories in books and tv shows to movies, she lives through every one of these stories, rooting for the characters, shipping the couples, panicking when there is a big end-of-the-world fight, and sobbing when one of her favorite characters die.
She felt every single emotion those fictional characters felt until these stories became part of her.
She learned from them.
They added to her experience and filled her heart.
They helped her in telling her own story.
She felt as if she travelled around the world and saw places she never actually visited in real life.
She understood endless types of personalities without actually meeting them.
What a dream, right?
She didn’t only take the happy moments, though.
She took the heartbreak, the loss, and the disappointment—everything.
She cried with the characters, teared up when she felt that they wanted to but couldn’t.
That gave her enough experience so when she told her own story, she told it right.
She told it with passion and with emotions. She told it with all her heart and with everything she is.
The human experience is full of everything: love, heartbreak, trust, disappointment, tears, and smiles.
It doesn’t have to end in our everyday life, though. You can fill it with whatever you want, whatever you’re passionate about.
You can fill it with stories.
Read a book.
Watch a good movie.
Binge-watch a tv show.
Take a risk.
Go on an adventure.
Listen to music.
Gain experience.
Simply, live.
“Living life to the fullest” is just an imaginative phrase until we give it its meaning.
So when one day that story teller lived to the fullest, she became a “story” herself.
She became a story to be told.