The Taboo of Divorce, and Why It Isn’t Actually a Taboo

Writer: Malak Mahmoud

Editor: Abdulelah

For some vague reason, divorce,or any sort of breakups in general, is synonymous with ruin in our society. “Kharab Beyoot”, a term literally translating to “destruction of homes,” is used to the taboo subject that is divorce. This acts as evidence that people give more importance to the facade of a “fully functioning home” rather than giving it to whatever is unraveling indoors.Let’s face it: People make mistakes. Huge ones.

However, a person is not imposed to rot in his rut of faults for eternity. Blindly choosing a partner and discovering the disharmony you share for an obligation  as serious as marriage, for example, shouldn’t keep you in that rut. However, marriage is a very critical point and shaky step. Marriage doesn’t always cancel the sweet,lovey part of the honeymoon phase, but it always adds the rather heavy ingredient into the participants lifes: responsibility. Not realizing the magnitude of this responsibility early on usually results in troubled marriages and troubled families later on. Kids developing in a toxic environment full of anxiety and fear and agitation because their safe zone has been terminated by two adults who couldn’t act like adults.  

The hell doesn’t end here. The tradition of tabooing divorce enforces domestic violence. The abusive partner is fed with superiority with the victim powerless to do anything about it. This issue is also fueled with patriarchy: She has to be fine and plaster equipped with a sweet smile on her tired,ached face because she is her husband’s property ,and divorce can’t cross her mind. She is supposed to be proud for being her husband’s property.

If anything, Divorce is a civilized course of action taken when the marriage becomes detrimental as previously mentioned.  An action that should be done respectfully, smoothly breaking the chains draining the tied.
 And no – it’s not beneficial for children to live with both parents if their relationship is strained enough; it’s better to live in a healthy, safe home. Nobody should be robbed of his or her peace and stability of mind because of two infantile adults. Pure concepts distorted, images of noble feelings smeared, feelings of self-belittlement are some of the countless burdens carried by the harmed to the grave.  

Please understand that family is responsibility. Please understand that home is a paradise, not a battlefield. Please let go when fit.