Sexism in Our World

Writer: Rawan Elkahky

Since the begging of history, sexism has been the prominent barrier between both genders. The notion that women were never on the same level as men has always been in existence. Sexism has continued throughout ancient history and continues to occur in our own environment to this day. It is defined as hatred or discrimination between people just because of their genders. People are clearly blinded by the idea that women can make much more than they conjecture if they have the golden opportunity to. We can always grasp that women doctors, engineers, dentists, etc. have way less clients/ patients than men. Why do we always ask whether the doctor is a woman or a man? Do you think women are this unethical? God created us equally. If you believe that women belong in their houses, then you are an illiterate person. Even if you suspect that we, women, belong there, have you ever tried cooking, cleaning and working every day? You cannot even handle that, so don’t say they belong in their houses. People always assume that girls should be upgraded, scared, and always hurt, but technically women can handle pain more than men can.  What about emotions? Do certain genders carry more tendency to act in a certain way? It certainly does not. I’ve seen women and men proving daily that they’re capable of doing anything that they set their minds to, yet I’ve never escaped the phrase “Man up a little”, no matter where I am. What exactly should my capabilities be like to match your expectations? Is it to fly, for some reason? Women have fought for their rights for ages. Women face battels every single day and if you think it’s not how women should act, then you’re describing a statue that should stay still and do nothing or your pet waiting for your obedience. Don’t tell me “it’s not lady like” because this is how girls act. We are strong, powerful, and can fight for our rights.