You Don’t Need to Let Go of a Pen to Pick up a Dumbbell

Written by Mustafa Hano & Habiba Suleiman

Edited by Ahmed Ashry

Working out, be it for the aesthetic body or the athletic performance, is a commitment. No matter which way you cut it, it takes time, motivational energy, and effort. I mean Rome wasn’t built in a day, and thus you can’t expect a Roman statue of a body in a day either.

So why do we work out? It is tiring and we don’t want to end up as meatheads, do we? But here at Milkyway, we are genuine preachers for the power that exercise gives us, the clarity of mind it supplies, and the motivation it sustains. You might think of exercise as a detriment to your will and energy, but quite conversely, it proves to lead to huge creativity and motivational spikes, and it might spark the fire in your life that you need!

Here are some pragmatic reasons why you should get your heart rate up, and how exercise will prove to be one of your most vital tools in achieving your heart’s content. With some of our wonderful writers at Milkyway magazine giving their two cents on the powers of exercise, and how including physical activity could help us creatives!

The emotional benefits of exercise:

On what kind of person exercise can make you, I’d like to speak on this myself.

“Have you ever worked out in the morning, and that led to an amazing day afterward? Well, that’s because exercise generally lifts your mood and releases endorphins (stress relief chemicals), improving your mood. These emotions of accomplishment prove vital for fueling my creative sense as a writer at Milkyway magazine. Also, I feel that the social connectivity and new people met through exercise is a benefit that brings balance to my life. Through team sports, I’ve met kindred spirits who improve themselves and thus help me improve. I’d like all the creatives out there to move in any capacity, be it the gym, sport, even a quick dance, or a morning walk. Find an activity that brings balance and makes you happy; and don’t give up if you feel no kind of exercise is right for you; we all have our likes and dislikes. Just keep looking!”

How exercise could make you feel healthy, and give you energy

“Exercise is one of the many things in life that requires consistency as well as the urge to never give up. Weirdly enough, if you become consistent, you’ll never even want to give up. Some people exercise to feel better and some exercise to be healthier and some do it for both. No matter what kind of sport or exercise you do, no matter what kind, whether it’s going to the gym, playing football, or even running, anything that gets your body moving is exercise. Exercising can make you feel so much healthier only if you’re consistent. When you exercise to the point that it becomes a part of you, it makes you feel healthier and even boosts your energy. Frequent exercising makes you keen on what you eat and drink, it forces you to be healthy and that’s the bliss of it. Not only that exercise makes you feel healthier but it also always fills you with energy. It’ll be like you can’t even sit at home all the time. It forces you to always be on the run ;)”

So, remember, life is a thing of balance, it’s a question of finding the things that make you happier in life. And human movement is a beauteous thing that we could all gain from. The team here at Milkyway magazine would love to see our marvelous readers getting their heart rate up, doing what they love, pursuing their creative passions, and most importantly, all with a smile on their faces.