The Thrill of New Things

Written by: Habiba Suliman
Edited by: Duha Muhamed
Graphic Designed By: Maram Mohammed

You know how every once in a while, something deep down inside you of urges you to try something new? How it always pushes you to go on some wild adventure? How we always want to try some new interesting thing that we saw online, or even something we have been longing to do for quite some time? even if it’s not good.

But have you ever asked yourself why? Why do we always want to try new things? Why do we get bored after a short period of time if it’s repeated? What actually happens through our sophisticated brains that triggers all of us? And most importantly, why should we try new things in the first place? And that’s what I’m going to tell you now.

Routine, a simple seven-letter-word that engulfed our life and conquered it. Some would argue that routines are safe, they are like comfort zones, nothing would harm you inside your comfort zone. Familiarity is something that brings us peace and calm, something as simple as staying in the same job, even though you know you are capable of so much more. Yet, its safer that way. However, sometimes forcing ourselves to take that leap of faith and try something new can feel like trying to keep your head up in a raging ocean. As second nature to us, human beings, we let the fear of the unknown confine us to the corners of our comfort zones.

Trying new things not only helps us conquer our fears and send them away, it also allows us to expand our minds and learn about new things as well as ourselves. When we experience something new; for example, new food, situations, places or people, we stretch our senses and develop new neural pathways to handle the new situations. Our mood becomes elevated and we experience a rush of delight. Specifically, the brain reacts to new stimuli by releasing dopamine, and the midbrain area is activated which strengthens long-term memory and learning. Not only does trying new things are a must; but also they come with a couple of benefits:

  • improved memory, mood and motivation.
  • Increased adaptability and agility to acquire new skills.
  • Overcoming fears and discovering new talents.
  • Flexing and fulfilling your maximum potential.

Embarking on a new adventure might seem absolutely terrifying, and frankly speaking, it is. We are so used to our comfort zones and routines that breaking them or even changing something as tiny as eating at a different hour than you usually do seems scary. But I kid you not, change is viable. Doing something ravishing every once in a while, that makes your heart skip a beat must be a daily thing and I don’t mean doing grand things on daily basis -yes they are a must too- but on daily basis, do things that are not “your normal”. Do something that will make your heart dance and will allow your mind to breath normally again. Do something that will make you feel alive again.