The Complex Truth Behind Goodbyes

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Goodbyes are so complicated, so complex.

Full of mixed emotions.

You secretly tell the other person, “I want you to stay, but I have to say goodbye”.

Some people like to say goodbye.

Look into each other’s eyes maybe for the last time, maybe not. 

They try to convince themselves that this last time will be enough for them, but it never is. 

Maybe their goodbye will be silent, maybe it will be full of words, full of affection, full of long-lost words. 

Maybe they want to have one last outing, where they go eat at their favorite restaurant, have their favorite dessert, have their last cup of coffee together, take a walk, have a last car ride where they listen to their usual playlist. 

These people take all of this as their goodbye, and they cherish all these last moments and try to paint them in their memories to remember them when they are not together. 

They cry at the end in front of each other although they know how they are going to remember this moment where they broke apart in front of each other. But they don’t care about that. 

But some others hate goodbyes. 

They think, “why do we have to torture ourselves that much in front of each other?” 

They know that not saying goodbye won’t stop them from getting hurt. 

But they just say, “Let each one of us get hurt alone without having to break into pieces in front of the other.”

They fear that in the moment they look into each other’s eyes they will forget the reason they ever wanted to say goodbye. 

They convince themselves that they have all their past moments together that they can cherish, so they don’t need one last time that may end up in a heartbreaking goodbye. 

They don’t want to see each other in tears. They want to remember each other with their smiles, laughs and even the happy tears.