Summer Movie Recs

Summer means fun. It means amazing, academic stress-free months to enjoy before we’re all back to school. This is why in this article we will be suggesting a few summer movies that allow you to just sit down and enjoy it.

Starting off with 2004’s A Cinderella Story. The movie tells us the story of Sam. After her father passes away, her stepmother and stepsister treat her horribly. She finds an online pen pal and decides to meet him at a school dance, not knowing that her life will change forever.

Our next movie is 1998’s The Parent Trap. It tells the story of the identical twins (played by young Lindsay Lohan) who were separated after their parents’ divorce to then rediscover each other at a summer camp in hopes to bring their parents back together. It’s one of the best comedy movies out there and it is recommended for a family movie night.

Finally, we have 2006’s Aquamarine. The movie tells the story of a mermaid, who becomes stranded at a beach resort. There, she falls in love with a handsome lifeguard. She also becomes friends with two local girls and uses their help to win the lifeguard’s heart and in return the mermaid will grant the girls a wish.

These are only a few examples of the many amazing summer movies. For more, please visit:

Writer: Ghadir Ahmed
Editor: Habiba Sullieman