Own Your Endings

Writer: Fraida Ibrahim

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

When Pinterest said, “Good things never last,” it wasn’t lying. Everything comes to an end, but endings usually only hurt when they come too soon. I mean, setting a book aside after you’ve finished reading it is much better than it getting snatched away from you halfway through, right? 

When something ends earlier than you wanted it to, you can’t help but think about all the ‘what ifs’. What if you did things differently? What if you had not said certain things? What if forever was more than just a broken promise? It’s very easy to let these thoughts drag you into a spiral of grief, guilt, and regret until you end up blaming yourself for everything.

You see, that’s the thing, we’re very harsh on ourselves. Overthinking every step we take, forgetting that we’re just kids. Making reckless decisions and messing up are the only ways we’re going to learn anything in this world. If every friendship and relationship you have is perfect, you’ll learn nothing.

Because the world is not perfect; it has a way of teaching us lessons the hard way: through experience. Every argument, heartbreak, and friendship changes you, even if you don’t see that now. They are your story, your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

So whatever it is that you have left behind, own it. Hold yourself accountable, but forgive yourself for not knowing any better, and grow. Don’t let the guilt and regret trap you somewhere you don’t want to be, because as long as you’re obsessing over something in the past, you’re wasting your present and putting your future on hold. 

You may have lost someone that held a dear place in your heart, but you’re gaining energy, time, effort, and attention that you can invest into reflecting and reconnecting with yourself. And, eventually, you will find out who you are without them. Better people will come, that’s for sure, but this is also the time for you to become a better person. So get up, wipe those tears, and take control of your life.

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