New Up and Coming Artists

Written by: Habiba Suliman

Edited by: Ahmed Ashry

Graphic design: Maram Mohamed

Our generation is full of raw talent honed into utter greatness. But unfortunately, not all of those talents are brought to the spotlight or are well-known. That’s exactly what I’m about to do in this article. Simply put, I’m going to shed some light on some spectacular creators with amazing talents. Art is something that should never in a million years be kept in the dark, which is why I’m about to bring some exquisite artists to the light.

  1. Halla Harb is a 20-year old applied arts student at the GUC with a major in Graphic Design. She grew up in family of artist, they all loved to draw and you can’t be in a family like that and not pick up the talent! But Just as anybody else who discovered their talent at a young age and decided to hone it, there were some concerns or fears. Halla started painting in the year of 2017, she began with simple drawing and was a bit anxious to draw people but after lots of practice and never giving up, she aced it! Halla loves nature and is inspired by it as well as by some artists and designers such as Van Gough, Claude Monet, and Jessica Walsh. At first, Halla opened her page for documentation and for the memories but as time went by and her talent grew, her page became a source for getting to know more artists and getting more inspirations.
    Account name: Hals Art or
  2. Bosaina El- Sadat is a 15-year-old high school student. She discovered her talent at a very young age and has been drawing since then. Bosaina picked up her talent from her family since most of her family like to draw. Art in general is born out of emotions and deep feelings. Art is the ultimate escape for most of us and for Bosaina her art is driven out of strong emotions such as anger and boredom. She is also a self-taught artist who likes to draw portraits as well as nature. Bosaina decided to open her page to show her talent and hobby to the world and also to be an inspiration to other artists!
    Account name: arts_by_bosaina or @arts_by_bosaina
  3. Ammar Hegazy is an 18-year-old thanaweya amma student. Ammar, just as anyone who discovered their love and passion towards art at a young age, honed this fabulous skill and talent into actual art pieces. It took many years of practice and dedication to evolve his paintings. Here comes the year 2020 in August when Ammar decided to show the world how good of an artist he is. He opened his Instagram page, named Palettes gallery, and showcased all of his paintings, not only did he exhibit his paintings on this page but he also started selling some of his paintings as well as gifting some of them to his friends. He originally opened the page for trial and for people to see and know his art. Inspiration can literally be anything in this world and to Ammar, because he loves art so much and is dedicated to it, art comes easily to him. Ammar usually prefers to paint what his mind prompts him to draw yet his love for drawing and painting animals ,especially cats, is undeniable.
    Account name: Palettes Gallery or @palettesgallery