Boys Speak: International Women’s Day

A Milkyway Production.

First off, we would like to say Happy International Women’s day to every woman out there. We love you and we are very grateful that you are a part of our lives. This is for all the mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends who are our main support system and fans. Women are strong, daring, beautiful, and smart. They are the reason we exist. So, again, thank you. Now, it is normal that every female out there is celebrating, but we wanted the other side of the story to celebrate women as well. So, we reached out to a lot of young men who were beyond willing to participate in this mini-questionnaire. We asked them 3 questions, starting from the women who impacted them in their lives to what they would do without them.

1) Draw an image in your mind about how your life would be like if women were not a part of it?

Omar Ahmed: I imagine life would be bland and unbearable without women. Women make men human; they add the missing sentimental side to men and the world would be dead without them.

Omar Mohammed: Life would be a whole lot harsher. We would miss women’s tenderness and their caring habit that we really need.

Johnny Abi Younis: There would be no life without women, that’s all.

Adham El Salamy: It will not be considered a life.

Khalid Mohammed: It would be harsh as men are often closed off and not as empathetic as women. It would be a world of ‘toughness’.

Ahmed Hassan: It will be a disaster because some men can’t even make themselves a cup of tea (I am one of those men) so, we will all suffer.

Youssef Abo Ghaneema: I can’t even imagine.

Ahmed Makady: It’ll be a world with no life.

Yehia el Shaer: Blank and useless. I wouldn’t have found anyone to guide me and I wouldn’t have been created in the first place.

Yousef Hesham: I think my life without women would be a little empty.

Omar Hesham: It would be dull; the sensitive and beautiful part of my life would simply not exist.

Mohamed Shawky: Nothing can work without women. To be honest, I can’t live without a woman in my life.

2) Mention 3 important women in your life and how much impact they have on it.

Omar Ahmed: First of all, my mother (cliche ik) but, for real, I wouldn’t be shit without her countless “favours”. Her unconditional love is literally what’s keeping me alive. Secondly, my sister. I made her go through some shit and she still never gave up on me, the more I fuck things up, the more she advises and guides me (or at least attempts to). Last but not least, all my female friends. They give me hope in a better life. I can’t live without their support and emotional guidance. I would’ve been a vegetable when it came to emotions if not for them.

Omar Mohammed: My mom, the one who raised me all those years. I wouldn’t have been here without her. My grandmother: the delicious food, the beautiful smile, the “you are looking thin you have to eat!. Everything is a lot better when she’s around. My sister: she’s the little munchkin in our house, I’m happy I’m her older bro. I don’t know what I would do without her jumping on my belly to wake me up.

Johnny Abi Younis: So, basically, my mom and my aunt because they’ve raised me and they’ve always been there for me. They taught me about love and gave me lots and lots of it.

Adham el Salamy: First of all, Maram Mohammed. She helped me improve my self-esteem and stopped me from killing myself. Pasant Essam: She supported me through everything and stopped me from killing myself. Jana Wael: She makes me laugh a lot and stopped me from killing myself.

Khalid Mohammed: My mother, duh. She’s cared for me and provided me with the best life possible. She also listens to my problems and rants. My sister, Maram Mohammed, who is a person I could talk to whenever I’m lonely and she pushes me to improve myself. Pasant Essam, a fantastic friend and an understanding individual with a lot of love to give.

Youssef Abo Ghaneema: Mom, on top of everyone. I don’t know where to begin. If I listed her impact on my life, I could fill an ocean. Merna, my sister: She is my older sister and my source of courage. Sara, my uncle’s wife: She’s kind of my best friend. I tell her everything and every secret regarding my life.

Ahmed Makady: Mom who raised me and helped me overcome all hard circumstances and she’s still doing the same. Grandma mainly did the same thing as my mom. Last but not least, my girl best friend, who keeps motivating me to take every single step I take in my life.

Yehia el Shaer: They are 4 actually: Maram Mohammed, mom, grandma and Malak Ameen. They all advise me nonstop and help me change to the better. They also helped me get through things I could’ve never gotten through alone.

Yousef Hesham: The first woman is my mom, the second is my sister and the third is my cousin. I basically wouldn’t be able to survive without their help and love.

Omar Hesham: My mother is my friend. She means everything to me. She gave me comfort and made me feel like I’m the most important person in her life and in the world. My cousin, she was my twin from another family. We were born in the same year and she was like my first sister. My sister, she means everything to me. She is my youngest sibling and she is my eyes and heart. She can be annoying but she is the one who made me more sensitive and caring.

Mohamed Shawky: Mom: she almost built my character as shawky. Many believe that after someone’s death, you’ll never see them again or even sense their existence, but she never broke the visits in my dreams. I am still learning from her every day. Grandma: She literally acts like my mom until now. I still can’t say no to her. She’s my weakness, both of us aren’t different from a mom and her son. Girl-friends: They keep up with me as sisters of the same age. We mainly face the same problems and we usually face them together, and I appreciate the unity of us as brothers and sisters.

3) Since today is International Women’s Day, what would you like to say to all women all over the world?

Omar Ahmed: I would like to say, keep doing what y’all are doing. We know it’s hard because of society and so, but don’t let anyone step on you for whatever reason. Y’all can do it, we believe in you!

Omar Mohammed: Rise and shine, the world would have never been where it is now without you Princesses. We literally can’t live without you. And as people say, “Behind every great man, there’s a greater woman.”

Johnny Abi Younis: To all the women out there: you are doing awesome. Whether you are a housewife or a working woman, you are doing awesome. Whether you are a mom or not, you are doing awesome. Whether you are married or single, you are doing awesome. You are doing awesome even if you are divorced, a single mom or a widow. You are amazing as yourself and don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want and what you love. Don’t let anyone get to you for not agreeing with what you believe in. Don’t let anyone bring you down for what you look like. Just be yourself.

Adham el Salamy: That without women we all would be lost and our lives would not be the same. It would be a depressing life.

Khalid Mohammed: Thanks, really.

Ahmed Hassan: You are important and whoever says otherwise is wrong.

Youssef Abo Ghaneema: You are the source of life, ladies.

Ahmed Makadyi: Don’t allow society to break you, we would never be men without your presence.

Yehia el Shaer: God bless all woman around the world. You’re all great and kind.

Yousef Hesham: I would like to say: don’t ever let a man/boy bring you down. You are independent and should never let anyone’s hurtful comments affect your life.

Omar Hesham: Be yourselves and grow bigger, do more and get what you deserve in life. Don’t let men put you down; live life proudly.

Happy International Women’s Day!