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Under The Beach Umbrella with Milkyway Magazine

Bob your head to the music, smell the salty water of the beach, and feel the rough sand against your body because it’s finally SUMMER.

Milkyway magazine presents you a summer playlist, in case you still haven’t made yours, you needn’t worry about what you will listen to on the beach this summer!

 It’s assured that this playlist will match perfectly with your beach setting

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Under the beach umbrella with Milkyway features:

  • Queen and Nirvana
  • DNCE and OneRepublic
  • 3enba
  • Wallows and NXDIA

Milkyway’s favorite lyrics from this playlist:

“I remember when we ran from the pool,
All the decoration up in your room,
And I couldn’t find the right words,
But I knew that you knew”
~ Remember when – Wallows

“Please just have a laugh with me,
‘Cause you know I’m borrowing by now,
These sounds, have already crowned,
Come on, it’s a silly dream,
Dreaming of the imagery unfound
The view sits nice from that cloud
~ Homage – Mild High Club