Types of Friends in a Squad

Writer: Johnny Abi Younis

Types of friends in a squad

Whether it’s in or out of school hours,we all have a small squad we usually hang out with, and obviously no one in the squad is the same .

1. The Nerd

Whether you like it or not, you have that one friend that always ditches you to study. Howa yemeken yesta3mel some satanic ritual because he knows “kol el doroos” w mesh 3ando any homework, straight As,  every single teacher loves him/her and he/she always struggle in PE classes. And if you’re up for a study night they’re 24/7 available.

P.S.: Nerds are not old fashioned, they just don’t care about looks.

2. The Parent

“Ma te3melsh keda” “entebeh 3ala nafsak shway zyada” “enti ba2a betakli kteer” “shopping? Enti 3andik fasateen aktar menena kollena” we all run away from home to escape from these lectures. But life is never in your favor, therefore you have that one friend that throws life lessons at you. It’s like the parents planted them in the squad to not let us do anything stupid. These kids just have too much common sense, it weirds me out.

3. The Superhero

They might not have a brain to use for anything but the gym, but their muscles surely fill in the gap. He is the most caring one out of the squad and he is ready to break any rules for you.

4. The Photographer

One of the unspoken rules of friendship is that the squad cannot go anywhere without having somebody to take pictures for them. And that friend is the chosen one. Appreciate them as much as you can.

5. The Diva

Just like the superhero her brain functions under one circumstance: fashion. She is way too good looking and has a great sense in fashion. She dresses up the whole squad and you look better by just walking next to her.

6. Mr./Ms. Brainiac

This one has some silly nickname the whole squad uses to call him, the brainiacs are another species of nerds that do not care about school nor studies but they still manage to be successful. They always have a backup plan in case the squad is in trouble. Without them your squad is a mess.

7. The Problematic

The brainiac and the superhero 5el2o 3ashan ebnokom da. He/she does nothing but trouble. He is usually left out of risky plans cause his presence is enough danger. That’s why he’s always watched by the superhero under the orders of the brainiac. And in case he gets himself into some trouble the parent is always available for a lecture.

8. The News Reporter

And what’s better than having a friend who knows all the gossip. He/she might have some magical abilities that allows him to stay in touch with everything but who cares as long as they get the gossip.

9. The DJ

Do not worry about  music. They have every single song on their phone. AUX always ready, the first one to listen to every new song, and he/she makes the playlists for all of your parties.

10. Ms. Always-taken

Hiye msa7ba nos shabab el madrasa, the other half of the boys want to date her and girls want to be her. She gets a new boyfriend every week. She often takes the nerd or the parent to third-wheel her dates just because she doesn’t want to seem too interested while she waits for the superhero to notice her huge crush on him. Everyone knows the superhero has a crush on her but she never noticed and your innocent man never got the chance to ask her out cause she instantly hooks up with other guys after her break ups.

11. The Advice Master

You wouldn’t want to trust them while arguing with the parent. They give the best advices ever, they make you want to trust them and they hold everyone’s secret. They put you before them on their priorities list and they never stop loving every single one of the squad.

And even though y’all are way too different you still love each other like siblings and that’s what make your squad special. And now do not forget to send this article to your squad’s group chat and classify them.