Adventures You Could Have In Cairo

Written By Mustafa Hanno
Edited By Ahmed Ashry
Graphic Designed By Maram Mohammed

It’s that time of year, with familiar beach smells, night breezes, and those good old Sahel vibes. But what happens next? What happens if your summertime dreams fall flat? What happens if your hopes of a beach vacation stay as just that, hopes? Don’t fret, because Milkyway has garnered some of our favorite activities here in Cairo, so gather the people you love and keep yourself occupied with these awesome activities!

1: Kayaking in Zamalek:
What else could be as fun, exhilarating, and beautiful as a pleasant kayaking trip through the Nile’s waters? Many experience the waters of the marvelous Nile River near Zamalek for a fun, unique experience, with professional trainers assisting them , assuring safety and a well-balanced, fun experience. So go out, row in the Nile, experience our prized river, and get your move on!

2: Cairo Tower:
A Gem located in Cairo is the majestic Cairo Tower. Built in the 1960s, it is more than just a tower. It is a unique lens that makes you see Cairo differently; you get to know our beautiful city again, and throw a birds-eye view that remains unmatched. Arabs and non-Arabs have been making the trip for years, so get out, up, and fall in love with Cairo again!
Tickets go for 20Egp or 60Egp for tourists, so why not make the trip?

3: Fagnoon
To all the lively spirits wishing to make memories and get down and dirty in some mud, and who also happen to love group work, Fagnoon is the place for you. Fitting for all ages, and all the creative souls out there. Fagnoon’s art center offers up a plate of unbridled excitement, and memories you and your loved ones will keep for a lifetime.

4: National Museum of Egyptian Civilization:
The essence of Egypt is its history, rather, its varied trials and tribulations that led it to where it is. If you are the type of person who likes to open your eyes to the history of what came before, you’ll love the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. Well built, modern, and clean, the museum holds many decades of history, from the Ancient Egyptians and how the first civilizations came to be, to Islamic history, and other key times in History that led us here today. Maybe you will find that stand-out piece of history that makes you understand the progression of humanity just that bit better. And maybe follow this adventure with a lax, beautiful park nearby as the sun sets.

5: Al-Azhar Park
You debate on and on about what sort of picnic would be perfect and put a smile on your face, well hear us out when we recommend that Al-Azhar Park, which is Located in Cairo, is the destination for you. One could smell the effort the people put into this place: the subtle Islamic architecture, the clean air and environment, and the verdant greenery, it all comes together and serves itself to you through the most amiable employees. If you want to hit a restart button, visit Al-Azhar park, view the beauty of Cairo, peep at nature in its most valiant form, and walk away with serenity and happiness.