A Short Journey in the Mind of an Overthinker

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Have you ever stopped and thought why it’s a burden to be an overthinker? People always just state the fact that overthinking is constantly tiring; however, they don’t explain the reasons behind that. Let’s try to break it down a little bit. 

Overthinkers always face difficulties in any conversation. They keep asking themselves questions. Is this person lying? Am I supposed to believe it? What if they are not telling the truth? Am I just overthinking this? Endless questions. You simply cannot lie to a person that usually overthinks because they will keep questioning every word in the conversation until they are completely sure that everything sinks in. Believing white lies is not an option for overthinkers, and believe me when I tell you that this is a huge burden. 

Let’s move on to the second point. Have you ever heard the phrase “a person who overthinks is also a person who over loves”? Well this is one of the truest words I’ve ever heard. I’m definitely not only talking about loving another person, but also loving simple things in life, in general. Loving coffee, loving sunsets, loving a certain place. These things will become part of you. But at the point of loving a person, it becomes a whole different story because the love you have for this person can be quite overwhelming at times. You’ll love that person so much because you’ll be past all your doubts. You’ll be past all the doubts, you would be done going over every single reason why you can’t love this person. Loving means this person passed all these questions and doubts. That is what makes it scary at times. That is why over loving can also be a burden. Even if we are talking about a place, a house for example. But you know what? For an overthinker it won’t be a house, it will be a home because it will become part of them. Passing through the walls and doubts of an overthinker guarantee you a place in their heart, mind and soul. Normally, this should be the most wonderful feeling in the world, but have you ever thought of the weight of this on the overthinker. It can easily destroy them if they lose something/someone they love. That is why they don’t only love too much, but they also get hurt too much.