A Guide to Finding Your Fashion Style

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Don’t we all have some clothes in our closets that we wear a lot more than we wear others? Have you ever tried looking into the style of these clothes specifically? Of course there’s a reason why you prefer to wear these particular pieces. This is the process of finding your own style.

Many of us just open our closets, choose random clothes just because they’re in front of them not because they want to wear them. This is why I’m writing this. I don’t want you to have a closet full of clothes that you wear just because they’re present. I want you to enjoy the process of choosing an outfit. I want you to enjoy the process of finding your own style. I want you to go out happy, proud and satisfied with your outfit & style.

So I’m gonna go over several tips to help you find your own style:

Close Your Closet and LOOK

Yes, yes that’s a good tip and it’s a really useful one. If you open your closet, the first pieces that attract your attention will most probably be your favorite ones. This is because you will be putting them at the front as they are the clothes you wear often. So after that, you have losing ego to ask yourself: what is the style of these clothes that attracted your attention? what is the style of the clothes you prefer to wear often? The answer to these question is your first step to finding your style.

Explore Pinterest

Yes Pinterest, the magical tool. Just explore some outfits on Pinterest and save the ones you wish you had, the ones you wish to try on. Then, when you finished saving a collection of them, look over them and ask yourself the same question: what’s the common style among them?

Identify Your Preferences

A color scheme, your comfort level, the fitting, everything. The color scheme is easy to identify. You can also find it using the first and second tips above. The colors you feel special wearing, the colors you always love to wear, this is your color scheme. Next is the comfort level and you can find this along with the fitting. The level of comfort a college student needs is different than the level of comfort a manager needs, for example. This will help you understand whether you prefer clothes on the loose side, on the slim side or on the skinny side. See? These are all steps in understanding what fits you, fashion wise.

Lastly, I just want to say that finding your fashion style will also help you explore yourself bit by bit. It’s all part of your identity. So believe me, exploring your fashion sense will help you gain unbelievable self confidence. You’ll just feel GOOD, and what’s better than that!