Milkyway Magazine's Crew

Maram Moahmed standing in a park

Maram Mohamed

Founder/ CEO/ Editor in Chief/Writer

Hello! I am Maram Mohammed, an 18-year-old Mass Communication student who has been passionate about art, especially writing, since as long as I remember. My passion fueled me to kickstart this startup at the mere age of 14, when frankly, I didn’t really know what the word startup even meant. All I knew is that I needed to create an arena, from scratch, for all the creatives out there to express. Well, here I am, 4 years later, with a team that is ready to help this wonderful, creative arena to reach its potential. Milkyway Magazine, my first born, is now an almost 4-year-old toddler who means the absolute world to me and I can’t wait to see where the wind will take us.

Malak Raslan posing infront of comics

Malak Raslan

Creative Director

It's Malak Raslan. I'm a Creative Business student, studying in the Netherlands. Interested in almost anything, but let me tell you some of the keywords to my heart: Rock bands, Marvel universe, Jujutsu Kaisen, Fantasy books, and a talk about justice and doing better in this world. Within the MW fam, I am the one you will definitely have random brainstorming sessions or mental health check ins with and will always be by your side to boost our creativity and work together to be better and help MW grow🤍

Lamia Gamil

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Hola! My name is Lamia Gamil! I have always been passionate about writing! I am adamant that through my writing I would be able to create a better world for everyone. I would like to address solutions and raise awareness about integral issues that do not get the highlight they deserve. I am a strong believer in the power of words, and I believe that with the right use of words we can create miracles.

Injy Ali

PR Manager

Hello! My name is Injy Ali; I’m 18 years old, I’m currently studying mass communication and I will major in advertising & PR next year. I’m very passionate about the media and film industry and I hope one day I can work as a director or anything related to photography. I love getting out of my comfort zone to meet new people, have new experiences and opportunities; Since 2018 I started to volunteer and attended internships in several companies and it definitely changed me into a very better person.

Rahaf Hossam standing on the beach

Rahaf Hossam

Social Media Manager

Heyy there! I'm Rahaf, a 17 years old who's still trying to figure out what she wants to do in her life, and hoping she can choose a college major before she finds herself thrown into whatever her parents choose. I know one thing tho, I want to work in a creative field and that's what made me give the position of Social Medial Specialist a try, I think I might be hypnotised by all kinds of art and creativity. Also, I'm a huge bookworm, I'm all ears at the mention of books! And I'm half Korean-half Egyptian, that was a joke though, I'm only Egyptian, but I'm korean at heart. If I ever go missing, you'll find me either at the Library, or in South Korea.

Omar Elmahy holding his hair

Omar Elmahy

IT Director

Hello there. It’s Omar Elma7e, but you can call me Elmahy. I’ve been a web designer for quite a while now and a graphic designer. I’m Egyptian and I used to live in KSA, Jeddah. I joined the magazine in April of 2019. I am primarily passionate about taking photographs. My favorite sport that I practice is cylcing. I am always down to work on subjects for the magazine almost all the time. I joined Milkyway Magazine because I wanted to share my skills and improve on them as I grow with the magazine, and gladly, I became better and found people there that are like my brothers/sisters and it so far has been a great community that I’m proud to be a part of.

Lara Abdelhaleem smiling at a coffee

Lara Abdelhaleem

Communication Manager

Hey you! Yes YOU! You’ve stumped upon me hehe, Lara Abdelhaleem, the Communications Manager! And believe it or not I’m turning 23 years old this year! Yes I can’t believe it either. Time in fact flies fast! A little hint; I’m a Virgo. I majored in Communications in Media and minored in International Relations. Till this day, I miss university a lot so if you are currently in school or university, my advice would be: enjoy every moment of it while it lasts. I understand this is quite easier said than done but I believe in you💪 I’m such a social butterfly! And being part of interactive and diverse groups of people or communities is important to me. I believe that experiences, journeys, trying new things, learning and improving are important aspects needed in everyday life. Can I picture life without people in it? No, never aka nada (means nothing in Spanish). Yes, I do speak introductory level of Spanish and it has been such an awesome decision. I love getting busy on my feet whether it’s filming, getting work done to content creating to attending events to many more. I believe that I can’t go a day without learning something new even if it’s quite minor. You will always find me doing something🤩 And hang on tight. Just a little bit haha. I would love to share one of my all-time favorite quotes. Trust me, you’ll thank me later! “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things” by Kurt Vonnegut. P.s Want to stay in touch with me and what I do? Check out my insta: @thelarajamal

Mariette Morcos

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Hey, everyone! My name is Mariette. One of the assistants to the editor-in-chief here. I am almost 20 years old, an IB alumni, and am currently studying communication and media in the Netherlands. I am passionate about the arts in general, but especially literature and film. I am a film and TV show enthusiast, a fun facts generator, and an animal lover. I am also an ambivert—50% introverted and 50% extroverted. (But I will always be an introvert at heart. 🙂) I am a knowledge and experience seeker, and I love learning and trying new things every day. A few fun facts about me: I can do cartoon impersonations and I am a kid at heart.

Rawan Saad holding her science far project at a painting area

Rawan Saad

HR Manager

Hello! This is Rawan Saad the HR manager for MW, I’m a freshman studying mass communication (your future radio host). I love playing sports specially Handball I’m on a break rn but I’ll get back soon, I walk every day an average of 2 hours it helps me think clearer . I’m so thrilled I joined MW magazine I’m sure 23 y.o me will thank me a lot for this decision. what I like about MW is the diversity everyone is different in their own way. I’m opened to criticism it helps me a lot to improve, since I’ve joined the team I have been learning new stuff every day and I can’t wait to learn more.

Salma Mohamed standing on a boat on the redsea in the morning

Salma Mohamed

PR Specialist

Hello! I'm Salma Safwat, an 18 year old girl who has a massive passion in trying new things and keeping herself busy. I took the decision of applying as a PR in the beginning of 2022 and never regretted it. Something about me is that in a couple of months I'll be starting sanwya Amma, so wish me luck! Also, aside from reading I love watching movies and a big fan of Dylan O'Brien

Maryam Ayman standnig in nature with a small smile

Maryam Ayman


Hi, my name is Maryam , a 16 year-old student , I'm really passionate about art and communicating my thoughts through it, my biggest dream is to be able to change the world and support justice through paintings , while enjoying the whole journey.

Mariam Elnady


Hey loves! I’m Mariam and I’m 17. I love arts and literature and I love people who love arts and literature. I’m an aspiring artist and deeply passionate about painting. I love the process, the messiness the colors leave, the feeling of the brush strokes, the freedom that it brings me, and just everything about it. And I’m planning on getting my artistic perspective into the MW mix <3

Vincent Gerrits standing on the sea shore holding his sun glasses

Vincent Gerrits


Hello magnificent people! I'm Vincent, 28 years old, from the Netherlands and a photographer here at Milkyway Magazine. I love to travel and meet new people, I also like to push my own boundaries and to face/overcome my own fears. I'm super social and extrovert. My personal mission is to explore the world and the beauty it has to offer and to share those moments with you to perhaps show you a different perspective.

Habiba Sulliman standing in between two doors

Habiba Sulliman

Content Writer

Hello everyone! I am Habiba Sulliman, I'm 17 years old. I'm an optimist who looks at the world in a different kind of way, in a poetic way. Because what isn't poetic about it huh? I'm absolutely in love with the sky as well as other numerous things. Yes, you guessed it right! Writing and reading. I mean how couldn't I? I'm an absolute bookworm which was the reason I started developing my writing skills and working on it. I kid you not I cannot live without either of those 2 things. I'm also a runner and a cyclist, 2 things that are very mentally and physically challenging yet I love them all the same. I have a twin sister which is my whole world and a cat who is also the cutest. I love the beach and the waves bring me peace. I'm planning to study literature at college insha'allah and maybe one day become an author, who knows right? That's it I guess. Super excited to work hereee!!

Farida Abu Sulieman holding a sun flower in the middle of the street

Farida Abu Sulieman

Content Writer

Hey there!! I'm Farida. I'm an 18 year old, mass communication student, and one of the writers here. I'm also a tv shows/movie geek, a reader, and a huge swiftie (as my irl friends would like to describe me). For a long time, I've had this unending passion and connection towards art, music, literature, and film. I've developed this relationship with reading and writing and got attached to storytelling, movie scripts, novels, books, and even poetry. I have this desire to be a filmmaker/screenwriter, and have a career path doing the things I love.

Nadeen Ghoneim sitting on the ground with a dress

Nadeen Ghoneim

Content Writer

Heyy everyone!! I’m Nadeen, a 17 year old who has lived a bunch of different lives; weird I know, but books tend to do that to you. Basically, I’m an awkward nocturnal fella that does nothing but stay cooped up inside her room to read and write. Something about being able to transfer to another era through books has always fascinated me so I guess you can say I’ve lived the lives of doctors, wizards, and even immortals. That’s what led to my love for writing. In a way, it’s my means of escape, but that’s not all what it is. I enjoy the process of writing, and the rush I get when it all comes together. It’s like I’m emptying all that’s hidden in my heart, mind and soul then rearranging it like a puzzle the way I prefer. When I write, I’m being honest with myself whereas the rest of the world blurs into the background. Now, I don’t like to describe myself because “to define is to limit, and I insist on my right to be multiple,” but if there’s one thing that can truly define me, it’s that I’m a writer and being a writer in itself has made me multiple.

Mirror selfie of Nour Walaa indoors

Nour Walaa

Content Writer

Hey! Name's Nour , I call the writer within me "Light", though. Writing is my passion, obviously, an elite form of art that mixes the wonders of language, the wonders of the mind and the wonders of art. I write to set the worlds in my head and heart free, and to paint the images I see, and show you an outlook that may not be seen by all. I love all art ever, from the vast spectrum of colours, images, little brush strokes and words, to sounds and beautiful musical pieces and symphonies, and more. I love philosophy and philosophical debates, I adore all knowledge ever, wanting to learn everything about the world, both its quantum and beyond infinity. I love nature, for I see all creatures, even plants and trees, as alive, as my companions. I love history's tales and mythologies, tales so realistic they are painfully pleasing, and others so out of this world one cannot help but freeze in delicious awe. Lets help each other explore the adventure within our souls and all around, while having fun, and exploring all different ways we may rise with the human race. And as my favourite quotes are ( everything is art) and ( open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever), may I be what my name suggests, a beam of light to you all, able to help each and every one of you, with a word, a colour, or merely a smile.

Selfie of Mariam Elsanabary wearing a yellow jacket

Mariam Elsanabary

Content Writer

Hey, I am Mariam Elsanabary. I started writing in sixth grade and here I am now 5 years later a Writer in our all time favorite Magazine. I love reading, it's what got me here in the first place. Always thankful that I have friends and family that support me and help me thrive every day as a person. I am an adventurous and sociable person who likes to know people. I am always open to constructive criticism so feel free to tell me what you think about my writings!

Lojain Assem wearing a stunning black dress and a white reflector jacket on black heels

Lojain Assem

Content Writer

Hi there! I’m Lojain, a medical school student and a survivor, I guess. For forever, I’ve been so social and interactive with everyone even new people. I can adapt anywhere with anyone, which makes life easier. Reading books and writing is where I seek my solace and ease the cruel world’s effects. Writing allows me to figure out my vague thoughts, and think more about them, which allows me to understand myself more. A creature obsessed with Friends and Sherlock Holmes, that’s who I am. Crime and murder are where I find myself, in the books, don’t worry, I’m harmless, or not😈, who knows. But I’m a fighter🥷, against anything and in favor of justice and my beloved ones. I defend and then attack.

Close-up of Hagar Ezzo setting in a car

Hagar Ezzo

Content Writer

Hello everyone! My name is Hagar, I’m 18, currently studying marketing, and am super passionate about writing. My favorite food would probably have to be sushi or fried chicken, and I enjoy going to the gym and watching cheesy rom-coms, even if I know how they’re going to end. Im a super indecisive gemini who cares more about her cat than most things.

Mariam Badr smiling at night

Mariam Badr

Content Writer

i’m seventeen, i live in alexandria, and i’m a fencer, is what i would have said to keep things short and simple. but i can’t, so here goes. fencing’s been the most important aspect of my life for a while now. where it helps me unwind, channeling my troubles into matches, it also feels like home. i think it’s because my team is so incredible. i’m a fast, ardent reader, and i go through books by the day. i love love love reading. i’m still in school, studying french and computer science, and majoring in biology. i think i’m most interested to study dentistry in college, but veterinary and english lit are also on the table, what-with my love for animals and my passion for writing. i also wanna teach professionally at some point in my life. it may not show because i put on a confident front, but i’m sometimes shy when making new friends, believe me. it’s hard to tell. i think the more people you let into your life, the more you add to your character, your personality. we are who we’re around. i value my family above everything, being close to my parents and younger siblings. writing’s been my outlet for as long as i can remember. i mostly specialize in poems because they’re fun to write, having to navigate rhymes and rythme, all the while exploring with words. i’m also working on two novels, but that’s going pretty slow what-with school and fencing. i’ve just joined milkyway a few weeks ago and can’t wait to embark on this journey with people i know share my passion and love for writing, and all other team members who make it all possible.

Mostafa Hanno waearing a blue suit at the red carpet

Mostafa Hanno

Content Writer

Hey reader! Let me tell you about myself. Im Mostafa Hanno (just hanno to most people). I’m a 16-year-old senior in high school and a content writer for Milkywaymagazine. I love a lot of things; things that grab me really get me going. I love basketball, music, literature, and adore and appreciate all gateways of artistic expression. Not only am I a high school student, but also a student of this world, interested in what this said world has to offer. Whether it be movies, tv shows, or the best of music. I’m here for it all; here to know why we as humans even like media, why were so enamored and excited by it. It’s a maelstrom that pulls me, and why can’t I do my part in mastering it? I’m taking that energy into my writing, saying what needs to be said, and having plain old fun with writing. Finding myself here with Milkywaymagazine to eventually get to that point. Because after all is said and done, let's be better people and experience new things. So when the inevitable happens and we do grow old, Let’s tell a good story!

Jana Shaheen

Content Writer

hello!! my name is jana and I’m 16 years old and a Capricorn! I am an introvert but when it comes to writing I am able to express myself in a creative way and convey my emotions better. I’m also obsessed with reading (scifi/dystopian/romance/fantasy being the best genres) and own hundreds of books. A few other things I’m obsessed with are Tv shows, sushi, spending time with friends and cats. I consider myself a pretty positive person and I always make sure to help the people around me but im also a huge procrastinator (which doesn’t work for Igsce apparently..) and have huge insecurity problems that I constantly try to work on! I currently have no idea what I want to be in the future but I’m pretty sure this magazine is going to help me grow and find out my goal in this chaotic world. So yeah that’s it! (fun riddle to think about: if yes is no and once is never , how many sides does a triangle have?)

Jana Amin

Content Writer

I'm this unique genie🧚🏻‍♀️ obsessed with all kinds of arts! The artist, poet, and writer inside me insist on creating a new colorful creative fantasy world instead of our depressive world, using a brush and wooden pencil.✨


Ahamed Ashry

Content Editor

My name is Ahmed Ashry. I’m a senior editor at Milky Way Magazine. I’ve edited dozens of intriguing articles, poems ,and short stories made to inspire and entertain you. I see myself as a relentless problem-solver, and I’m always looking for a new challenge. I enjoy reading Norse mythology and fantasy. In addition, I enjoy spending my leisure working out.

Duha Mohamed standing outdoors under the sunset

Duha Mohamed

Content Editor

Hello beautiful creatures💗 My name is Duha, and I’m a teacher. For me teaching is smth I’m so passionate about and it’s smth i wanted to do for a couple of years now. But if I’m talking about myself as a person who’s not a teacher, I’m so passionate about writing, reading and drawing. I used to introduce myself as an artist until university and life after graduation hit me lol. But it’s nice to be passionate about a lot of stuff✨

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