Lost Cause

Writer: Aya Elsaiedy

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Photographer: Marwan Younes

A simple act of kindness mistaken for interest.

A filth-disguised offer faced with polite decline. 

A sick and sordid predator and a helpless damsel with her hands over her chest.

Hair firmly pulled back and mouth gripped shut.

A lot of unheard screams on an empty street.

A vision going hazy
A body going light.

Eyes slowly open 
A dizzy, pounding head.

So much physical agony
After a traumatizing night,

​​​​​​With deep emotional fright
That would accompany her for life.

A poor lost cause,
Afraid to speak up.

No matter what she says,
it is always “her fault.”

Either to live with blood feuds
and wasted honor,

Or the disturbing pain of knowing 
He’s still out doing it another.