When to Let Go

Writer: Johny Abiyounes

We are growing up, our desires are changing, our dreams are being replaced, and our paths are changing direction. Not only are we changing, but things around us might be no longer necessary, and some relationships are getting heavy while we don’t know whether we have to let go or not. So when is the right time to let go?

      Letting go of someone you truly love and care about is frustrating and hard. But keep in mind letting go allows you to receive better, helps you to get stronger, and puts what you need as a priority. Therefore, when things are turning in a way, you’re obliged to put one’s priorities on top of yours, then it is the right time to let go. A true friendship or relationship is when the two people have different priorities that are respected by both.

     When your priorities are not respected, you will feel inferior, and this will give you a hint that it’s the right time to let go. You should also let go when you can’t remember the last time both of you were happy at the same time. When being in a relationship with someone, or even when just being someone’s friend, isn’t enough to make both of you, or at least one of you, happy, it’s not worth fighting for.

     Whenever you feel you are the only one fighting for it to keep going, when you seem to be the only one caring enough to try and fix, and when the other party has a way with words but never work on fixing whatever you have left between you two, let go. 

Being asked for more sucks, and it makes us feel frustrated and worthless. And sometimes you aren’t the one that isn’t enough. Sometimes it is your partner who isn’t satisfied whatever you try to do for them.

      Being unhappy with something is enough of a hint to rethink whether you should keep it going or let go of it. Letting go is necessary for you as well as the other person, as it teaches both of you a lesson and helps you grow up and become stronger. And even if it isn’t an easy job, when you let go of something toxic, and look back at it and feel relieved, you will realize that you made the best decision out of a helpless situation.