If Only He Knew…

Writers: Omar Essam and Haidy Wazery

Editors: Abdallah Sobhi and Maram Mohammed


You know I love you; I just never show
But I feel I do more to us than you do
You might still love me or you might not, I’ll never know.
I’m so attached to you and I’ll never let go

It’s like you never loved me, you lied
You used to love seeing me
Where did all your feelings hide

I had you in my future as my wife
Harsh to know you never thought the same
I don’t even know how I’ll go on with my life
I don’t want anything but you; not money, luxury, or fame

Can’t put my finger on what is wrong
You’re not the one that swore to stay
I remember your words were too strong
But I guess things change
And here you are walking away.


There was always something missing
Yet, you were always so forgiving
Even though I heard your heart breaking

I never meant for that to happen
For your heart to be broken,
Nor for your mind to be blown

I wanted to love you, believe me I tried
But I never liked the thought of being tied
I loved you, I swear I did
But never enough to want to resurrect you back from the dead

I loved how you cherished my existence
Yet I always wanted to keep my distance
I don’t even know what went wrong
Turns out I decided not to have you tag along

I wish you had known
I was just afraid of ending up alone

It’s hard for me to say that I never wanted to stay
So I am sorry for walking away

If only you knew loving me would be this cruel

Before you’d let your heart yield.