History Repeats Itself

Writer: Ola Refaat

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

History repeats itself

I remember, you remember, everyone remembers

When the learning of it all does come

It’ll be too late

This nonexistent process, added to a few angry folks here and there

Sums up to

History repeats itself

From caring comes courage, but too much courage creates a fool

A fool to be damned in the midst of events

Too much caring creates naïve individuals 

Many create a damned society

History books are meant to teach

To teach from mistakes

To teach balance,

To be wise, caring, and courageous

The solution always lies in the problem 

As the antidote lies in the poison

Some things are what people call collateral damage

Silence your mind and see 

See what your mind blocks 

You believe what you want

Live up to the stigma and it’ll be the end of you

Learn, learn from what came and what will come

Ignore and I swear to you you’ll regret it

You dig your own grave once you decide to ignore

The secret is no secret, just look around 

The second you look up and make a decision, 

You’ll no longer be in hiding when

History repeats itself