A Message to My Future Lover

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Amal Magdi

Photo Editor: Ola Refaat

A message to my future lover,

That is, if I find another.

I have a few requests to make 

If you don’t do so I just may break

Bring me chocolates on valentines day 

Then sing my favorite song in ‘Greek’ 

In your voice, solace I’ll seek

It’ll sound great since your voice is deep

And it’ll be a memory I’ll want to keep

Oh and send me texts every night

Tell me you still love me if that’s alright

Tell me what happened in your day 

Tell me if it went okay

Or if it was the ugliest day 

Show me your darkness 

Show me your light 

Show me your secrets 

No one will judge 

I pinky promise with my heart 

Pretty childish, you see

But I have wasted years it seems

Now is the time, so make it up to me 

Love me with your all or not at all

Love me at dark before at dawn 

Love me like my demons do 

You wont regret it I assure you 

For I love once in a life time

My heart doesn’t change when it comes to light

Its the same one as before and maybe even more

I know I am doomed yet your love would make me bloom 

So love me as I’ll love you

Even if its a little less or a little more