Top 5 Must Watch Movies



By: Habiba Hegazy

As someone who likes dark writings and reading between the lines, you shouldn’t expect Tamer Hosny and Hanan Turk movies here. Be ready to read a list full of the most powerful and meaningful movies (in my opinion).

  1. Green Mile (my all-time fav)

A drama/fantasy movie starring Tom Hanks. This movie’s entire theme is “don’t judge a book by its cover”, starting off with a massive black man in prison for the accusation of killing 2 young sisters. As the movie goes on, you’ll get to know more about him, discovering the most surprising things about him. HIM CRYING LIKE A KID?!

I totally recommend this movie if you really are in the adventure of seeking the most meaningful movie ever made. It really moved something in me, I cried and laughed; it took me on a great journey full of emotion.

  1. Forrest Gump

Comedy-drama movie starring again Tom Hanks (you can tell I am a great fan), and Robin Wright. The block headed Forrest gets the utmost support from his loving mother and because of her, he never thinks down of himself. He wins a life in the funniest ways ever or maybe, the stupidest, slowest ways ever. He gained much yet, all he is looking for is his troubled, sweet love Jenny.

It’s funny how someone like him gets so much. What did he get? Watch and know.

Recommended if you want to laugh your ass out! (there’s some reading between the lines too)

  1. Catch Me if You Can

A movie based on the true story of Frank Abagnale, the most mind blowing, young trickster now grown up into a consultant. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio (in his young age which means SUPER HOT which is why you should DEFINITELY watch the movie).

Before his 18th birthday, he managed to be the king of deception, followed and investigated by a U.S FBI Agent but, Frank is always 3 steps ahead.

Watch if you want to be inspired and mind blown by some rebellious teen.

  1. My name is Khan

Okay an Indian movie, wait don’t judge me, I am no Indian movies fan but this one is different. Shahrukh Khan here rides through the story of an Indian Muslim who is a victim of Asperger’s syndrome, in which his social abilities are weak. This movie explains how the terrorist event of 9/11 has destroyed many lives of families like Khan’s.

I promise you a good laugh and a lot of ‘awwww’s but also a good cry.

  1. Split

Starring the brilliant James McAvoy, a psychiatrist and three teens that must deal with 23 personalities in ONE BODY??!!

Yes 23 characters are controlling one body, what’s even scarier? One of them thinks he is supernatural?! Wtf? Want to get thrilled? You should watch SPLIT.