Writer: Amr Khattab

What is forgiveness?

According to Psych Central, Forgiveness is a conscious decision to let go of feelings of betrayal or any other negative feelings towards others. However, the process itself is different for everyone. Imagine if every human being gets no second chances and there’s no forgiveness. There will be poor communication between all of us. Therefore, God gave us the ability to forgive. 

·         To forgive does NOT mean that you’re the one in the wrong.

·         Reaching a place of true forgiveness is not about deciding whether what someone did is okay or not. If what someone did is wrong, then they must apologize in order to earn that forgiveness.

·         Forgiving does NOT mean you have to forget (is that even possible?). But, you still have to forgive ♥️

·         What’s forgiveness? It’s eliminating the negativity that results from hurt by letting go of emotional baggage.

Saying sorry is a difficult task for some people, so forgiving them is harder, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do so. We all make mistakes, and no one is perfect. Most people believe that everyone should get more than one chance. 

Why do we forgive people?

·         Forgiveness frees and allows us to live in the present. Reliving the wrong that was done to us chains us to the past and keeps us from experiencing today.

·         Forgiveness lets us regain our personal power. Our anger, regret, or hatred towards someone means that we are giving up power to that person. Envision a chain wrapped around your neck, held by the one who wronged you. Until you can forgive them, you’ll never be able to break that chain.

I asked a couple of people: Why do you forgive people? 

Zenub Salem: Because we love that person and feel that this fight or sadness isn’t more important to us than our friendship. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect.

Youssef Mostafa: I forgive all the time. It’s just something I was raised to do. Like idk I always think people should get other chances. Actually, I noticed I forgive everyone ‘cause like why not. Why just stay mad or sad at each other for whatever reason.

Rania Essam: I am a hopeless romantic by instinct. I always believe in the good in people, that we’re never really black or white, we’re all just shades of grey. And every time I forgive someone, I hope I’m turning their shade a little lighter. The capacity of my heart always convinces me they can do better, and they deserve one more chance.

Farida Hazem: I forgive people because we are all human and we all make mistakes. It may be hard to forgive someone depending on what he or she did but don’t we all fuck up? Don’t we all wish that people would forgive us for what we’ve done? We all deserve a second chance. I forgive because if I was in that person’s shoes, I would hope for forgiveness to learn from my sins. That is why one of God’s greatest blessings is that he forgives us when we sin, especially if we learn from our mistakes and try our best to follow the right track. At the end of the day, we are only human