Dear, The One Who Broke My Heart

Writer: Mariam Hisham

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

Dear, the one who broke my heart,

How are you? I hope your heart is okay, despite the damage you caused to mine. I don’t know if I should be sending you this, but I’m really wondering, do you still think about me? It’s been almost 2 years since you decided to let me go for literally no reason. So, I wanted to know if you still think about me at 3 am when you can’t sleep. Because no matter how hard I try and how much I don’t want to, I still think about you. I hate that I sometimes blame myself, thinking maybe I wasn’t good enough for you. So after 700 days, I decided to reply to that text you sent, “sorry”. Yeah, you must be sorry. I mean, I would’ve thought that you were a monster if you didn’t even feel sorry. Have you got any idea what you’ve done to me? You changed me from an extroverted, chatty, colourful, and warm person to an introverted, silent, dull and cold person. I’ve spent nearly 3 months of my life trying to find out what I ever did to make you leave. I loved you, I cared about you, and would have died for you without a thought. But what hurts me the most, is that you knew. You knew how much I loved you, you knew how much it would hurt when you leave. But you did anyways. So after 700 days, I want to tell you: I’m sorry. I’m sorry you lost me. I’m sorry that you’ll never find anyone who will care about you as much as I did. No one that will miss you this much after you hurt them. And yes, one more thing, thank you. Yes, thank you. Now I know how strong I am. I can live without anyone, I know my worth and I know that it wasn’t my fault. Thank you for the lesson, I don’t trust anyone anymore. Oh, one last thing…may you never feel the pain you caused me. But I will never forgive you.
Yours truly, the one you broke