Silicon Valley

Writer: Hazem Nabil

San Francisco, Silicon Valley is a place that serves as the headquarters of almost every huge tech company you’ve ever heard of such as Google, Apple, Tesla, and Facebook. To put it simply, it’s the part of the world where you’ll mostly find computer geeks and nerds. 

Co-created by Mike Judge—a Silicon Valley engineer—this comedy show follows the life of an introverted, genius computer programmer with lots of potential. He is accompanied by three other young men, living in the incubator of a self-centered guy with infinite sass, Erlich Bachman. They live in there without paying a dime; however, Erlich gets a 10% stake in any future company that they start.

The characters of this show include the following:

1) Richard Hendricks—the introverted computer programmer I mentioned earlier.

2) Dinesh—A Pakistani dude who’s a software programmer with extraordinary skills when it comes to writing code and is in direct competition with Gilfoyle the whole time, trying so hard to prove that he’s the best.

3) Gilfoyle—A Satanic programmer who likes to always sit in a dark corner and often finds himself making dank jokes about Dinesh’s ethnicity.

4) Jared Dun—A super-efficient CEO who always gets the job done on time. He comes from a mysterious dark history, speaks German in his sleep, and usually has a creepy face with ghost-like features and dark circles under his eyes since he almost never sleeps.

5) Russ Hanneman—A member of the “Three Comma Club”; that is, having a net worth of a billion dollars. He is an image-conscious guy with a very luxurious lifestyle, owning numerous sports cars, and his style is always on fleek. (I guarantee you are going to enjoy this guy the most!)  

This 7-times Emmy nominated show is a parody, so it likes to exaggerate everything to make it hilarious. It tackles start up-tech companies issues and challenges while showing both the bright and the dark sides of working for one, with a twist of humor, of course. The show gives us insight into the lives of millionaires, while making fun of their ridiculous lifestyles and the weird things that the super-rich do.

If you still have any second thoughts about watching this show, let me tell you that Bill Gates himself watched it and commented, “You really should watch it, because they don’t make any more fun of us than we deserve.”

Bonus Tip : If you do the math, you’ll find out that it will take you exactly 22 Hours to binge-watch all Silicon Valley episodes. And I recommend you do so as soon as possible, since the last season will be out by the end of 2019. Therefore. get a huge-ass bowl of pop corn, sit back on a comfy couch, relax, and enjoy.