Nadeen Wail: Your Next Favorite Young Artist

Writer: Nawaf Al-Mahdi

Art is an essential cultural icon that not only expresses our thoughts, but the artists’ reflection of their thoughts, society, and the world. It is a beautiful hobby that can be turned into a successful career with the right amount of determination and persistence, and 15 year old Nadeen Wail was able to prove this with her winning Milky Way’s Quarantine Competition! Nadeed Wail is an Egyptian artist whose passion is in drawing, and enjoys making people laugh as well.

She participated in Milky Way’s Quarantine competition and won 2nd place! Her art style is a mix of portrait style art combined with elements of manga style art, and she demonstrates her drawings in TikTok style video in her Instagram account. Her hobbies outside school and aside from drawing are dancing, cooking, editing, photography, and occasionally writing. When Nadeen was asked about paid commissions for her artwork, she replies

I haven’t really thought about it, but if I grow up and my art is worth something, then sure!

Nadeen Wail

When asked about her victory in the Quarantine Competition, she comments that

It was really fun and interesting throughout the whole competition. The effort you guys put in is quite a lot!

Nadeen Wail on the Quarantine Competition

In addition, her advice for young artists like herself is to keep on practicing and blending one’s emotions into the work of art to elevate it’s aesthetic and uniqueness. Nadeen’s victory in the competition helped her to be inspired to continue her craft and experiment with new styles of art, and we hope to see more of her works in the future.