True Love Never Fades

Guest writer: Mariam Hisham

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Eve was on her way to Starbucks for her morning coffee. She was calling her mom while she was parking the car infront of Starbucks, when she noticed a guy who is about her age with light brown skin and curly hair. He was somewhat tall and had a very fit body shape. He wasn’t that type of guy that could make her stop and stare, yet she couldn’t help but stare at him. “Eve, are you still there?” Her mom said through the speaker. “Yes, Mom, sorry. Anyway, I have to go.” She hung up the phone. Eve ignored all the wired feelings she felt and got out of her car to get her coffee. She went in and went to her table as she does every morning. The thoughts about the boy she saw earlier were filling every corner of her mind. As she always does when thinking really hard, she was staring at that strange scar she was born with, right in the middle of her palm. She heard a rough sound of a guy giving his name to the coffe barista. “Adam,” he said. He approached a table that was far away from hers. Eve couldn’t help but stare at him. She really wanted to leave so she could stop thinking but she was afraid that they were maybe meant to be. “If fate wants it, it will happen!” She said, grabbing her keys and leaving. She was really close to the door when her keys fell. She was close to his table, and she bent to get it, but he grabbed it first. She noticed the same scar she had on his palm, and he noticed her scar too. “Excuse me, I know it might seem very weird to ask, but were you born with this scar?” He said, grabbing her hand gently. “Yes, what about you?” she replied. “Yes, me too,” he said. “Since you asked a weird question, may I ask, do you think we’ve met before?” She asked, giving fate a chance. “Yes, I think we did, but a long time ago,” he replied. “I bet this scar has a story to tell us,” he said offering her a seat.
Zeus was a 10 year old boy who was adopted by a very kind woman named Carla. Carla was living alone, so she adopted 2 kids; Zeus(10 years) and Hera (8 years). Zeus was 15 when Carla was really sick and they had to take her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Carla died after a long fight with her disease. Zeus and Hera loved each other and wanted to be together till they were old enough to fight for their love. Zeus and Hera had no choice but to be parted to two different foster families. On their last day together, Hera was crying because she thought she was not going to see him ever again. Although Zeus was really sad too, he promised her that they are going to meet again. “Maybe we have no chance now, but love is stronger than anything in the world. Love will survive; maybe not now, and maybe not even in this life. But one day, we will survive,” Zeus told Hera while grabbing a knife making matching scars on their hands, right in the middle of their palms. “They say, those who are in love and have matching scars will have their scars joining their souls in every body they get through their lives, but only if they were really in love. I love you Hera,” he said. “I love you too!” Hera replied with tears filling her eyes while they were parting them.

Love survives. Maybe not so soon, but in the end, it always does. Because love is stronger than anything in the world, even stronger than fate sometimes. True love never fades.