Writer: Nesrina Ahmed

Every girl constantly searches for someone who’ll observe her soul and look into her brain, someone who’ll understand every little inch in her. All girls want someone who’ll be able to know their worth and take care of every single complicated thing about them. Every female wishes to be understood and to have her heart translated to the man she loves and her thoughts delivered to him, and that’s exactly what the poet, Pierre Alex Jeanty,successfully presented in his poetry book Her.

    Her is a poetry book that is fully dedicated to every female struggling. Whether it’s because her significant other underestimated her or because she still can’t find her Mr. Perfect, this book gives women who are insecure and devastated because of failed relationships the courage to keep loving themselves and hope that there is someone out there that’ll be worthy of their love.

       Her is not only written for women to feel confident in their own skin, but also for men to observe women with Pierre and realize the importance of that woman they show affection to. Pierre helped men clear their vision and see the importance of her.

    “You are more than worthy of love.


   you’ll never be worthy enough to someone

    who isn’t worthy of your love.” –Her vol.1

      Most of his poems show how valuable a woman is and he’s always cherishing her soul and beauty. He appreciates every part of the woman, inside and out. He also makes sure to transfer that idea in all his pieces. 


    your smile will be like the Sun cracking 

   through the clouds to the man of your dreams.” – Her Vol.1 

    “She is more than a good woman

    and a good person.

    She is

   a beautiful soul who

  carries light in her smile

 and love in her bones.” Her Vol.1

 “Dear Black Girl,

Your skin is a beautiful place to live in,

your hair is grass from heavens and your

shape is a beautiful sculpture.

You are not magic; magic is only an illusion.

You are more than a miracle,

an unexpected blessing.” – Her vol.1

    And besides writing the beauty of women, Pierre also wrote some poems that pat any pained woman on the shoulder. He wrote words that whisper in every girl and woman’s ears that they’ll be just fine. All their pain and misery were also recognized in Pierre’s book, and here are some of his incredible pieces.

    “There will be times you will have

    to be your own friend and lover.

    Your own shoulder to cry on,

    use your hands to wipe your tears.

    Those times will feel lonely;

    but they will teach you how to stand on 

    your own when no one has your back.” Her Vol.1

    “She is a mermaid,

    going against the flow.

    The wave society expects

    her to follow

    isn’t who she is.” 

      He also made sure to include in his book messages to the men to guide them through their journey with that one unique woman, and even some of his poems are about the fools who let special women slip out of their hands.

   “Don’t dare her to be different.

    She already is.

   Dare her to be herself.” Her vol.1

    “When you look at her

    if you do not feel

   blessed to have her.

   She is not yours to keep.

  She is another man’s blessing.”

To sum this up, Her is a poetry book that every woman and girl needs in her library, and it won’t be surprising if she keeps it with her wherever she goes. This book fires up confidence and love in her veins. It’s her emotions and thoughts finally out on paper and it’s her voice finally reaching every man’s ears. And every man needs to read her in order to recognize and appreciate her beauty, her voice, her thoughts, her fears, and her soul.