Wanderlust is Her Life Motto

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

Wanderlust: the urge to travel and explore the world, to roam, and to wander and be free… It was in her, in her veins and blood. She felt this feeling of belonging each and every time she found herself wandering around in a different city. It was like the answer to a question she has been searching for all her life. Each and every city gave her a piece of a long-lost life… 

In Paris, she ate the croissants and had the most delicious chocolat chaud she ever tasted while sitting in a café at 10 am in the morning in her favorite outfit, because where can she pull out her most stylish outfit if not in Paris? Then, while looking at the city view through the window of her hotel, she read a sentence coincidently, but no no, she thought it was fate. “Crois en toi” (believe in yourself), and she decided that she will. 

In Rome, she sat in this vintage restaurant at sunset, eating her bruschetta and pizza, while wondering about whether food can get any better than this! Her Italian friend once told her: “Do you know where broken hearts go? They go to Italy, and believe me, Italy will teach them how to love again.” As she stood in the middle of the Trastevere, one of the most beautiful districts in Rome, surrounded by flowers in all colors, genuine faces and the smell of the dough entering the oven in a small, warm restaurant in front of her, she couldn’t find anything truer than her friend’s words. If a breathtaking city like Rome is built on ruins and destruction, then anything is possible. 

In Barcelona, she looked at some of the most exquisite buildings she ever saw while eating warm paella and tapas. Sagrada Familia, Cassa Battlo, Casa Mila. She felt lost in thoughts just thinking about how beautiful architecture can be. Wandering around in Las Ramblas, smelling the scent of delicious waffles all around her, hearing the music coming out of every place she passes through, and dancing a little bit whenever she feels like it, she felt alive and free.