The Four Types of Human Behavior

Writer: Dima Hassanein

Editor: Abdallah Sobhi

We humans tend to get along with some people better than others. This isn’t just because we don’t like them, but there’s actually a reason you bond with some people better than others and have more conflicts with some. And that, my friend goes back to your personalities.

The four types of human behavior are the following:
Blue, red, green, and yellow.

You may consider yourself in more than one color.


People who fall under this category are the analytical ones. They have slow reactions to things, take cautious actions, and try their best to avoid involvement. They also maximize their efforts to organize and minimize their interest in relationships. They focus most on the past. They are systematic and quality-oriented. They follow rules, are logical, and are structured.


Reds are the dominant ones – the leaders. They react quickly to things. They always want control and are not cautious when it comes to relationships. Their main focus is in the present or what is happening right now. They take decisions quickly and are risk takers. They also tend to avoid involvement. They are aggressive, strong willed, decisive, and goal-oriented. They are also controlling, powerful, and independent.


Greens are the stable ones. They are calm and supportive. They maximize their efforts for connection and minimize their efforts for change. Just like the reds, blues also focus on the present. They avoid conflict and actually reject it. They are patient, reliable, loyal supportive, and are good listeners. They are thoughtful and kind. Greens usually keep to themselves.


Yellows are the inspiring ones. They act fast yet smart. They love being involved and hate having a routine. They go with the flow and focus on the future. They make impulsive decisions and they hate being alone or isolated. They are creative, talkative, optimistic, and social. They know how to express themselves and communicate with others.

About 80% of all people have a combination of two colors that dominate their behavior. This means you can be a little bit of everything, but in the end, at least two of these colors describe you most. Only 5% of the people have only one color that describes them. You can probably already recognize one of these colors that describe you most, but this is just a brief description. Each color goes way deeper than what I mentioned. While you might think that none of these describe you, you definitely are, to some extent, related to one or more of these colors.