The Character in Your Story

Writer: Nayirah Salem

Am I the bad guy in your story, or the loving and caring hero? We all classify the people we know as certain characters in our lives and in every single life you enter, you play a different role. You are not a good person in everybody’s story, and you are also not always a bad person. It’s not only based on your attitude towards this person, but it’s also based on how that person wants to see you and their attitude as well.


Let me just get straight to the point, if someone has taken a permeable first impression about you, you will be placed in a role in their life, and you will never change your script. This person will always see you the same way they saw you when you first met. Otherwise, people place you depending on your attitude in dealing with them, and other people make you play the character in their lives that they lack, for example, if they lack someone that loves them endlessly, they will treat you with love so you love them back and they fill that void within them. Sometimes you push people away just because they have played a certain bad role in a life of a friend of yours, and you don’t give them a chance to try the rehearsals of the characters in your play. Dealing with people is not an easy thing, and placing everyone in their correct role with fair distributions is hard. However, you should believe in the good side of people rather than looking and stressing on the bad side. You should also give every person a chance to change their script in your life if they proved that they have changed.


Being an author who writes a book with so many characters in it is a great responsibility, the author must give each character its right in events, and give them a role where they will act appropriately and be convincing. Imagine that this book is your life and that these characters are the people you know. Try to show your creativity in distributing roles among them, and always remember that the happiness of your life is based on how you shape and direct it.