Reading is for Everyone

Writer: Hania Mostafa
Editor: Abdulelah

If you think reading is limited for nerds, then you’re terribly mistaken. For anyone who knew me years ago when I was in middle school, I absolutely hated reading. My least favorite activity was assigned reading. But then when I actually gave reading a chance, I discovered its sweetness. I fell in love for reading. So for anyone who knows me now knows that my head is always stuck in a book. “One more chapter” became my everyday motto. So, I’m here because I’m determined to change your perspective about reading and let you see what I wished I saw earlier. Reading is not for nerds. Its joy is for everyone. Here’s what I discovered about this never-aging ancient practice:

1- It’s the cheapest way of travelling. 
Reading a book directly transfers you to the world you’re reading about. I’m not kidding when I say that I feel that I travel to a country when I read about it, and who wouldn’t want to travel for free?
2- It boosts your imagination
When reading a book, you get to direct your own movie from the characters to the setting. It’s different from movies and shows, in which you get a certain content in front of you, certain actors/actresses and certain setting. In books, you can alter all that in your head using your imagination. Who would refuse this opportunity? 
3- This might be a little bit cliché, but I can’t go without it. Reading is an escape. 
We all face stress, overthinking and hardships every day. Reading allows you to take a break and think about someone else’s problems instead of your own (go for epic fantasy novels where the world is ending and everyone is running for their lives). Maybe you’ll decide that you just want to relax and take your mind off any problems (in that case, go for one of those fuzzy, warm, cute contemporary novels). The possibilities are endless, folks. 
4- Last but not least, you get to root for the characters!
You live the stories as if you’re experiencing everything yourself. You cheer for the characters after an epic battle, or even after they go for it and confess their love to someone. Every emotion while reading is pure, raw, and touching. 

I could go on forever about how reading is a great blessing, but I will suffice with this for now. I would like to end it all with a quote by the great Stephen King:
“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”