Pleasing a hard to please Society


By: Hanna Khalid

Nowadays, it’s almost everyone’s major problem trying to “fit in” society, so that we don’t get rejected. We have to look in the mirror every day to see if what we’re wearing is going to look good, if people are going to judge us based on that. You can’t wear a revealing shirt because people might think you’re impressing someone. You can’t wear good looking makeup without people thinking you’re just asking for attention. Society doesn’t just judge quietly, they label you. They tell you to be yourself, yet they still judge you. Society teaches us that no matter how good you are, you’re still either too fat, too skinny, or too extra. It teaches us not to get raped, but doesn’t teach us not to rape. The world is now full of narrow minded people that keep judging you no matter what you do. Unfortunately, this causes a new generation facing self- doubt. You can’t wear whatever you want without society’s disapproval. You become more manipulated and less self- confident. That’s why, we need to learn to cherish one another, comfort each other, and stop labeling each other. We need to stop pleasing a hardly pleased society.