Quick Review: Moon Knight

Written by Lojain Assem

Edited by Duha

It was only a few weeks ago that a piece of single news turned social media upside down. The Egyptian composer, Hisham Nazeeh, composed marvel’s new show’s theme song. The composer was well known around the world for composing the Pharaohs’ golden parade’s music that took place in April 2021. 

While social media was still going crazy about the news and expressing how proud they are, the real news was up. Marvel’s new show “Moon knight” wasn’t only composed by the Egyptian composer Hisham Nazeeh, but also directed by the Egyptian- settled in California director Mohamed Diab and starring the famous American actor Oscar Isaac.

And although people were impressed by Oscar Isaac’s MCU debut as Marc or Steven and his great chemistry with his on-screen partner Layla who was played by May Calamawy, the world was reacting more to the series of Egyptian songs appearing in every episode starting from “Bahlaam Beek” by Nagat and “El Molouk” by Ahmed saad and 3enba, to Warda’s “Batwanes Beek” and Wegz’s “Salka”. 

Throughout the show we go back and forth between Marc and Steven, the 2 personalities in one body thinking that Steven was the real character but the 5th episode blew our minds when we got to know that Steven was a made-up character by Marc who was an abused child by his mother, an illusion he created to run away from his life. And whether it’s Marc Khunsho’s -the good of moon- avatar or Steven Grant of the gift shop, we can’t deny that Oscar Isaac’s performance deserves an oscar.

But Moon Knight was not only the first Marvel show starring Oscar Isaac but also the first that’s events are taking place in Egypt and revolved around Egypt’s history and Egyptian gods. So, to be brought to the world by the eyes of an Egyptian director was something we couldn’t be more proud of. 

The six-episode series created a fascinating connection with the Egyptians despite the Ramadan series marathon going on. However, everyone has their perspective about the show; certain things interested everyone as the appearance of many Egyptian actors like Ahmed Dash and Amr El-Kady.

And as the show is filled with Egyptians and superheroes we are proud that the director Mohamed Diab was the one to create the first curly-headed Egyptian girl superhero.

But what if the series was shot in Egypt?

Yes, the now-famous Marvel series about Egypt and Egyptian Gods, was not shot in Egypt but Hungary. As per the director’s words, filming licenses took a lot of time to be approved, time was running out and they couldn’t wait for it, so Hungary was their destination. And we can’t stop thinking about the more authentic picture that could have been provided about Egypt and its locals if the series was shot here.

Binge the show right away!! And tell us your opinion.