How to: Emptiness

Writer: Malak Amin

Empty is such a heavy word in itself. You feel like there’s a huge hole inside your chest, like holding a cup of water that has no bottom to it, and whatever you fill it with, pours onto the ground. The thing is, you can’t fill this hole completely, it’ll always be there, and it’s what makes you human. But what can you do to not to notice it all the time? It’s pretty simple; let me guide you with three simple ways that always work.

Focus on yourself:

Most of us can get too caught up in school and the people around us that we forget to focus on ourselves. Well, that can be a very valid reason for your emptiness, simply because your body and/or your brain are not in a good state. You will feel void towards yourself. It will make you feel horrible about yourself, and also keep that hole in you empty all the time. So, take care of your physical and mental health. Sometimes you gotta help yourself because nobody else will.

Find a good distraction: 

Distractions will never completely make you forget about that emptiness, but a good distraction will. A good distraction can be many things: a hobby, sports, studies or even a good company of friends! Focus on something that will allow your skills to evolve.

Invest your time in the right direction:

You might be running after the wrong human or the wrong goal the entire time while feeling that it isn’t right. But yet, you choose to keep running. This will not only take a lot of precious time, but it will also be toxic enough to mentally deteriorate you slowly. It will keep taking time and energy from you, and in the end, you will find that you have no idea what to do or what to feel. Confusing right? Whether it’s the people who surround you that are toxic or it’s simply a goal that’s toxic, it will be enough to drain all the time, energy and passion to the point of zero, which is, emptiness. If this happens to you my friend, you need to step back and take the other direction. If there is no direction, it’s never too late to start again, before you lose yourself.