Don’t Get Comfortable at the Bottom

Writer: Mostafa Hanno

Editor: Ahmed

    You know that feeling inside of you, the notion of not being content with who you are, what you are familiar with it?

You see people coming in and out of your life, fighting cutthroat for their future. And you ask yourself, “where do I fit in”?

Your vitality is running thin, you feel your burning faith and passion are cooling down.

You know you’re capable of great things, but in some twisted way, you’re waiting for someone. You’re going to let them take the positions in life that you want most, the ones you crave.

      Don’t you know that your place in this world is not set in stone? You treat these trials and   tribulations, whether it be work, school, your social life, as if they were perpetual  like the laws of physics that govern us, but they’re not. It’s not always going to be difficult, but putting in the effort you need, especially when, you don’t feel like it, is what is giving you long term gratification and happiness. Your life is so easily pliable, by your hands and your hands only you can find water in any drought, with your hands only can you build your ideal version of happiness and find success through it all.

     Do you think your place in this cog of a society is taken? You’re wrong, for you’re precious, rare. Indeed, you really are a diamond in the rough. Tell me, who does life like you do? No one has such a skillset as you do. You say some person or some force of nature is going sweep the opportunity for happiness from you. But your fantasies are there waiting, if one would just dig deep, it’s easier than ever to stand out. Have the humility to know that you might not even be halfway there; but you have time, your most precious asset is on your side. You need to know that your ideals of a good life are so easily achievable, keep your optimism, know that there is light in the end of any hard path. Use that craving and improve. Have faith that you will improve.

It’s not hard for you to stand out.

It’s not hard for you to be great at what you love.

It’s not hard for you to find space in this world.

Do us a favor, don’t get comfortable at the bottom.

    You’re stressed, and you get hard on yourself when you get complacent. you mess up a handful of times like any of us. But sacrifice your temporary pleasure in these trying times. For your future, pick yourself up, as the future you hold for yourself is pretty damn cool. Hold yourself up to the highest standard, because you’ve ALREADY come so far. You’ve gotten where you are now through self-admitted care. No matter how much you feel that you’re not good enough, your place in this universe is waiting for you to take it. Don’t keep it waiting.